Fix a dead battery with jumper cables

A battery has a negative (-) and a positive (+). The poles are marked with the plus and minus sign, and they are indicated by the color red is positive (+) and black is negative (-). Important: car batteries can release flammable hydrogen gas. Always start by clamping the red jumper cable to the positive (+) terminal of the battery. Then you can follow the following order. Another sequence can cause sparks. Even the best car batteries could then explode and injury or cause death.


1. Find a moving car. Bring the vehicle to the car with the dead battery.

2. Make sure that both batteries have the same voltage. Batteries in a car are 12 volt, trucks and tractors but take advantage of a battery of 24 volts, or two 12 volt batteries connected in series. Never plug in a battery of 12 volts to a battery of 24 volts.

3. Place the cars so that the jumper cables are long enough to connect the two batteries. The cars are not touching.

4. Put both cars out of the engine. Open the hoods of both cars.

5. Put on both cars the lights, wipers, radio and other electronic accessories off. Make sure nothing is in the cigarette lighter. All this draws power and could damage during launch.

6. Make sure the jumper cables are not tangled. The clamps at the ends of the jumper cables are intended to be attached to the poles of the batteries. Never disconnect a negative to a positive pole. This can damage electronics.

7. Check the batteries for cracks, leaks, and other damage. If you discover damage, you should never try to use the jumper cables. In that case, call the roadside.

8. Attach ” first ” a red clamp to the positive (+) terminal of the dead battery. Then connect the other end of the red jumper cables to the positive (+) terminal of the good battery. Remember that the order in which you connect the terminals ” necessary ” is, so follow these steps correctly.

9. Attach black clamp to the negative (-) terminal of the good battery.

10. Attach the second black clamp to a piece of unpainted, grounded metal on the car with the dead battery. Do not clamp to the negative terminal on the dead battery-only do this if there is no alternative (in the tips we give some suggestions for where you can attach the second black clamp).

11. Start the moving car so that its battery and a battery can be recharged.

12. Let the car idle for five minutes before trying to start the other car. You may be able to give a little gas, so the speed is slightly higher.

13. Try to start the car with the dead battery. If nothing happens, you can wait another five minutes and then try again. Repeat until the car starts.

14. Remove the jumper cables to the batteries in reverse order. Start by removing the black clip of the piece of metal on the car with the dead battery. Then remove the black and red terminal of the good battery, and finally you can remove the red terminal on the dead battery.

15. Run the engine for at least twenty minutes with a little more speed than idle to recharge the battery.


  • It may be necessary to clean the terminals and cable clamps. Remove the battery cables and use a wire brush to remove any corrosion. Attach the clips to the battery and now try again with jumper cables to start the car.
  • Use a shiny piece of metal as a good soil to attach to your last clip. Lacquered, oily or rusted metal does not work. It’s best to use a bolt or another piece of excellent shiny metal. Some sparks may occur if you have found a good ground. It is strongly advised to confirm the last clip on the dead battery because sparks can then ignite the escaping gas.
  • The battery can not always find under the hood. Sometimes a battery in the trunk or a different place.
  • Read the instructions. Usually, instructions are attached to which are to be interpreted in the order in which the fixed terminals.
  • Some cars have special places where manufacturers made your jumper cables to connect, so in a different place than the battery. Probably manufacturers do that to minimize the risk of hydrogen gas flaring.
  • Let the moving car only leave after at least ten minutes. The empty battery the car needs charging a while, sometimes falling silent again and again you need to use the jumper cables.
  • Never use cheap off-wire wires. Use only heavy duty jumper cables of high quality.


  • Ensure that the cables do not cross as they are attached to the battery to each other.
  • Make sure everyone keeps a safe distance. Batteries can explode if you do something wrong.
  • Keep your face as far away from the battery.
  • Check all connections before starting the working car. Check again that all terminals are in the right place.
  • When a charging battery is escaping hydrogen gas, which can explode the battery. Therefore, you should not have all four terminals of the jumper cables attached to the two batteries. Do so only if there is no alternative. Keep a safe distance. An explosion caused by sparks.
  • Wear safety glasses and work gloves. Put them on before you begin. Let people stand without safety equipment away from both cars.
  • Never connect first the black and then the red cable: if you do and drop can cause a massive short circuit the red cable accidentally, the clip can be welded to the chassis.

Types of electric lawnmowers and how to troubleshoot problems

Lawn mowers are used to cut and maintain the garden. These common household machines come in a variety of formats, ranging from electricity to gas powered hand. One of the main drawbacks of lawnmowers is moving the mower around a lawn. While traditional lawn mowers do not have assisted movement, the 2010 market has several types of lawnmowers energy. There is also electric start self-propelled lawn mower. View electric start self propelled lawn mower reviews.

Types of electric lawn mowers

Developed push mower

The machine is fed manually advanced in the traditional lawn mower manual push shot. Advanced push mowers use a motor for rotating the cutting blades, and in some models, the engine also powers the wheels. Push-help lawnmowers are ideal for those with large gardens or patios with steep slopes as the operator just surf the push mower instead of manually. Developed push mowers come in a variety of sizes and characteristics that directly affect the total cost of the mower. This type of mower is powered by a motor, either electric or gas. While electric mowers require a battery or power supply and no gasoline, these mowers may not be ideal for large yards as the battery may not last long enough to cut the entire yard time.

Riding Lawn Mower

An engine drives riding lawn mowers, which are also known as lawn tractors, and operators sit on mower in the yard and navigate through a steering wheel or back-shooters. This type of lawn mower power is ideal for those with large patios or people with arthritis, motor power back or muscle ailments such as lawn mower and the operator are based on the mower during use. The riding lawn mowers vary in features and cutting width; However, most have a cutting width of 42 to 48 inches and can mulch, bag or discharge of cut grass.

Robotic mowers

One of the most advanced power lawn mowers is the robotic mower. This lawnmower high-tech short grass without the supervision of an operator and uses the robot to navigate around the courtyard technologies. Although the exact specifications of robotic lawn mowers vary by product, these mowers usually require a cable back to be placed along the border of the garden. When the robotic mower is activated determines the size of the yard, following the boundary wire and mosaic uses algorithms to determine the best mowing pattern of your lawn. Paralumun said robotic mowers can maintain a garden of two hectares, and some monitor growth patterns to determine when the grass needs to be cut grass.

Troubleshooting an Electric lawn mower

There are many reasons why your electric lawn mower will not work, but the main reasons problems with battery cables or plugs. If you try to solve all these areas, it should give you an indication of what is wrong and how it can be fixed.


If you are having problems with your electric lawn mower, it is possible that his power is the culprit. When you start troubleshooting, you must first make sure that the man died in his electric lawn engine works. The switch for the dead must be in the correct position for starting to work. Turn the ignition key to the “On” position and then turn right again “No”; return to “On” again to ensure that there is an active connection on the mower. If there is a problem with the connection, then you have to be replaced ignition.


After checking the ignition, take a look at the cables between the battery and ignition. If you see any wear on the wires, which have to be repaired. Check out the battery cables and make sure they are securely attached to the battery terminals. If you see any corrosion on the battery, you need to clean it. Verify that the battery is charged, because his electric lawn mower will not work without it.

Spark plug

A bad spark plug will prevent the engine turn over. Make sure the plug on your lawn mower is a proper separation. Gapped is the term used for the distance of the electricity arcs between the center electrode and the ground electrode. Make sure it is correctly installed and connected to the spark plug wire. You will need a vacuum tool to determine the appropriate space for your engine. If your spark plug is doing and your lawn mower does not start, you may need to get a new ignition module.

All about memory foam mattresses

Every year you see more and more manufacturers offer memory foam mattresses. It is, therefore, more difficult the different brands, mattresses and differentiates their properties from one another. In particular, because there are also offered many different qualities. Where to now as consumers look for when memory foam?

On this page, we explain what memory foam is, how it works and what you should consider your purchase. Armed with this knowledge, we trust that you arrive at the right choice of your memory foam mattress matching your needs and wallet. Also, mattress topper is highly recommended. View memory foam mattress topper reviews.

For quality memory foam

  • Open cell> requirement
  • Reacts to temperature> required
  • Recommended height> 5 to 7 centimeters
  • Recommended density> between 50 and 65 kgs / m3
  • Used ingredients> origin of renowned foam manufacturer
  • Sustainability> endure rolling test 30,000 times at 340 Newton

Memory foam is truly unique and has unique advantages

Many materials have been used in mattresses have been investigated by us, of latex to polyether foam, of cotton wool until to horsehair. But no material is similar to memory foam. The manner in which this foam adapts to your body and reduces pressure points is unique. But you might not want a full mattress would consist of memory foam. Memory foam is soft and does not provide sufficient support. Memory foam so it works best when it is mounted on a supporting substrate. This could be foam or pocket sprung. There are some reasons why memory foam is so unique.

Memory foam adapts

Firstly, the way in which the memory foam deforms under the influence of weight. Standard foam is pressed will immediately jump back to its original form. The cells of memory foam should be open. Which means that the individual cell has a hole in it. When pressing of the cell is the air present spread to adjacent cells. As a result, the pressure, caused by spread your body weight, over a large number of cells. This phenomenon is responsible for the pressure-relieving properties of the memory foam. And the possibility of deforming the foam, ensures that the material completely adapts to your body shape, even with the heavier parts such as shoulders and hips. No other material has the quality to adapt as closely to your body shape.

Memory foam is temperature sensitive

Second, memory foam is temperature-sensitive. This means that the foam feels harder at low temperature (higher viscosity). At higher temperatures the memory foam softer and take the compliance is far (more elastic). This is why memory foam is also called visco-elastic foam. This temperature-sensitive feature ensures that you slowly sink into the mattress. Also, this temperature sensitivity contributes to the individual forming ability of the material. Some memory foams are very temperature sensitive and can even feel hard at room temperature. There are mattresses on the market which seems soft memory foam and enjoyable to a wide range of temperatures. These mattresses are suitable for use in different climatic conditions. There is also memory foam mattresses are offered with closed-cell or temperature insensitive. These mattresses are suitable for the purpose for which they are sold

Density or density – the real story

The density or density of the memory foam is all decisive for the price of the mattress. The higher the density of the material, the more expensive the mattress. But to measure increases the density, for instance above 65 kgs / m3, often lead to some undesirable side effects:

The memory foam is significantly more temperature sensitive. At room temperature, the mattress initially feels hard. Many people experience this situation as unpleasant and uncomfortable

The length of time it takes for the mattress to adapt to the body shape is significantly longer

The ventilating ability of the memory foam is steadily declining

Special memory foam sensation: it slowly sink deeper into the mattress, sleep as if you are floating, will be promoted by a high density. However, this feeling is momentary and has no effect on the sleep comfort and support of the body. Said disadvantages outweigh this advantage.

Memory foam with a density less than 40 kgs / m3 not recommended. This density does not contribute to the desired memory foam effect. Also, the service life of such a foam is relatively short. Memory foam mattresses with a density of between 50 and 65 kgs / m3 offer the most benefits.

Unfortunately, making suppliers of memory foam mattresses too often abuse the ignorance of consumers. It is a high-quality memory foam not only the density. Also, the ingredients used to play an important role. It is, therefore, important that the memory foam is produced by a leading manufacturer of foam. But most sellers of memory foam mattresses are not familiar with the source of the processed foam. It is therefore recommended to choose providers that you know that the quality of the memory foam is ensured. Examples of well-known brands are Energy + mattresses, Mediactive, M Line, Auping and Eastborn. When purchasing these brands, you run no risk.


When you choose a medium density, it is important to know the durability of the material. What must not happen is that over time your hips considerably deeper into the mattress come to lie over your shoulders. Such a hammock effect is undesirable for your sleeping position on the mattress. The memory foam should, therefore, be thoroughly tested. A test wherein the memory foam 30,000 rolled shall be passed with a load of 340 Newton. The memory foam Energy + fulfills this requirement and has been independently tested by TNO and the Consumers.

How to choose a ceiling fan for your home

Are you coping with the hot air? Are you finding the cheap, efficient solution? Here are all tips you need to choose the best ceiling fans for your home.

The diameter of a ceiling fan: Which is appropriate?

  • For a room up to 9/10 m2? The diameter of the blades of the ceiling fan should be about 80 cm
  • For a piece of 9 to 20 m2? The diameter of the ceiling fan blades must be 100 to 115 cm.
  • For a room of 40 to 50 m 2? The diameter of the ceiling fan blades should be 120/130cm.

These data on blades of ceiling fans are approximate and also depend on both the volume of the room and the ceiling height. Similarly, if the room is very large, we will need to provide a slightly higher power.

What is the right number of blades of the ceiling fan?

The number of blades of the ceiling fan (2, 3, 4 or 5) will be more a matter of aesthetics rather than efficiency.

The inclination of the blades of the ceiling fan: Is it important?

In general, ceiling fans blades have slopes of about 10 degrees and the most efficient models blades inclination goes up to 17 or 18 degrees with more powerful engines. Is the inclination of the blades ceiling fans, unlike the number of blades, will ensure fan efficiency in using.

How high to install the ceiling fan?

If the ceiling of your room is not very high, do not choose a ceiling fan that has too long rod which risks people to bump or injury.

How to turn on a ceiling fan?

The ceiling fans start running through:

  • A manual pull tab that is attached to the ceiling fan motor
  • A wired switch
  • A remote control for controlling both the fan and also light if equipped.

Is the speed of rotation of the blades of the ceiling fan important?

The rotation speed of the blades of the ceiling fan is a guarantee of comfort while using. Ceiling fans low-end have one or two speeds. Ceiling fans for medium and high range have three speeds. Some ceiling fans models of high-end can have four speeds.

Ceiling fan: With or without light?

With or without light, ceiling fans come in different styles: classic, modern or ancient, with finishes and different colors. The choice will only depend on your home and your tastes.

Are interchangeable blades of ceiling fans?

Finally, some ceiling fan models have interchangeable blades whose faces are possible to offer different color sets, allowing to choose the one that best suits your interior or to change from time to time if you want.

What is the maintenance of a ceiling fan?

Proper maintenance of your ceiling fan will lengthen its life. Before maintaining the ceiling fan, you should disconnect the power supply of the product. A few weeks after installation and after a few hours of use, it is recommended to check the attachment of the ceiling fan to the ceiling. This verification should also be done once or twice a year depending on use. Tighten detour the ceiling fixing screws and the fixing screws of the blades of the ceiling fan. Clean the ceiling fan with a soft cloth and vacuum the dust from inaccessible places. There is no need to oil your ceiling fan. Replace defective bulbs on the ceiling fan after removing the globe if necessary. Do not forget to clean the globe before reinstalling.

With a ceiling fan, you can create a movement of air in the room and give a feeling of freshness. This is a very economical and efficient solution for high temperatures. In USA, the benefits of ceiling fan are little known but in hot countries such devices are widespread.

How does the summer-winter fashion?

The summer-winter mode works because of the reversibility of the fans! Indeed, in the summer, your fan rotates in one direction which allows tracing the hot air and so cooling your room. In the winter, by turning pale in the other direction, your fan will bring down the warm air and so it will heat up your room. This type of fan, also called heater ceiling fan, is often associated with wood stoves to increase the effectiveness of each other.

Good luck with the purchase!

Best band saw reviews in 2016

Used to cut various materials, including wood, plastic or metal, the band saw must be chosen according to its quality. However, a quality model is often available at a higher price but still related to its performance. This article will give you best band saw reviews in 2016

Femi FEM780 XL A

Femi FEM780 XL is a bandsaw whose capacity reaches up to 105 mm. This allows you to work on various materials and still enjoy great precision in every cut. With this device, the cutting angle can be adjusted between 0 ° and 45 ° to the left so that you also can use it for various cutting jobs.

The engine power of the band saw is equal to 850 Watts. This power is large enough to allow you to work quickly to each cut. Femi FEM780 XL A is capable of operating with two different speeds and is accompanied by an electronic switch system. You can customize each task at the speed that suits you and always provides a satisfactory result.

This model comes with a locking device so you can carry it easily. The length of this unit is equal to 73 cm, width 51.4 cm and its height is equal to 39.4 cm. Compare to the size of some band saws, these measures demonstrate that the device is not as bulky as this type of product should be.

Fartools 115516

After the model described above, Fartools 115516 is a metal band saw that you should buy if you are looking for the best bandsaw. This device has been designed for trimming work and scroll metal parts without having to make much effort. The head of this unit can be tilted and its handle is ergonomic, which offers maximum comfort to each use to reduce the risk of fatigue that you may experience after several hours.

The power of Fartools 115516 reaches up to 1500 Watts. This allows you to work within a short time without any risk of tiring you because it is the device which does all the work for you. This device comes with sets of keys, an adjustable stop, two coals and a mounted blade. With all these components, you can perform different tasks and properly maintain the equipment when necessary.

The ability to cross-sectional of Fartools 115516 is 100 x 150 mm and the corner cutting capacity is equivalent to 65 x 100 mm. These cutting abilities allow you to work accurately on different types of material.

Casals VBS250

Casals VBS250 is a bandsaw whose power is equal to 250 W. This power allows you to work correctly on certain types of materials. You can enjoy good accuracy and good speed work in treating certain types of materials. The depth of cut of this model is 40 mm and the maximum height of cut is 150 mm. This allows you to perform certain types of work in comfort.

Casals VBS250 is characterized by its weight which is limited to only 11.1 kg. With this weight, you can easily handle this unit. In terms of its dimensions, it is 58, 8 cm long, 31.2 cm wide and 26 cm high, allowing you to easily store it or place it in a fixed location without fear of being crowded.

Makita 2107FK

Makita 2107FK is a portable band saw whose power is equal to 710 W. This power is considerable for you to work on different types of materials without spending your energy and within a limited time. The design of this band saw provides a comfortable use of the device in all circumstances and in the treatment of various materials.

This model is compact and lightweight compared to a model to be installed permanently at a given location. It allows you to use at home or to perform work fiddling wherever you go without fear of being crowded. In addition, you can easily move it to the material to be processed from one place to another, even from one piece to facilitate the achievement of your work.

The cutting capacity of the saw is sufficient for you to treat a number of materials in comfort. Its blade is quality for you to enjoy great precision in every cut. Although this can not be a leading product in its class, all these strengths fact that among the other models of this description.

Pain Relief Because of Essential Oils

It can be seen that essential oils can cause miracles to happen because they have a lot of benefits that people can experience, especially when it comes to the home. They can really help with pain, health, and even in improving the beauty of a person. They have more power than you think and they are really helpful in relieving people of certain discomforts in the body. Essential oils are good against muscle tension, inflammation, neuropathy, migraines, and others. They can be applied topically or by putting a few drops in a diffuser. To know which diffuser to buy, you can read reviews about essential oil diffuser to know what people are saying about each product.

Wintergreen essential oil

Wintergreen is not very common, but it is very good for treating people in pain which include headache, arthritis, menstrual cramps, and nerve pain. Wintergreen essential oil is produced by distilling leaves using steam, which contains a lot of methyl salicylate. This has pain-relieving components that works like aspirin because salicylate is a main ingredient of aspirin.

Helichrysum essential oil

This is an essential oil that can be quite expensive and it has pain relieving properties that are valued by many. Some of its properties are analgesic, anti-inflammation, and anti-spasm that really help people. It also helps with arthritis and gives support to the nervous system. A majority of the users say that they are relieved from pain right away – only minutes after the essential has been applied.

Sandalwood essential oil

It is an essential oil that relieves muscle spasms and it is good for sedating the nervous system, which helps in reducing pain in the nerves. (more…)

How to camp in the garden?

If you live in the city and have no chance to take your kids camping in the woods, you can improvise and create an unforgettable experience in your own garden.

In these summer evenings, why not take advantage of the weather and organize a camp for your kids and their friends?

Choose the best night.

Involve your children in planning. Invite them to check the weather in advance, looking for a clear day to enjoy the moon and stars sky.

If your family are going to have a campfire, it is important that there should not have too much wind.

Measure the ground.

Where can you pitch up the tent? The fire? They must have adequate space to store not bring the fire too.

For the tent, looking for a place without rocks, with firm and dry ground. The fire needs a space away from plants and trees to avoid the risk of fire.

How to camp

Part of the magic of being outside on a camping is that all are packed inside the tent. If you can have some cheap tents for sale, it is the best. If you do not have the equipment, your children can improvise. Invite your children to use their creativity, using their own structure with garden furniture and wall sheets or blankets.


Depending on the size of the tent, invite friends. It works very well if they are children of the same age as your children. They can plan the event begins with dinner around the campfire or grill, and ends the next day after breakfast.

Ask guests to bring their own sleeping bags, pillows and stuffed animals.

Make the menu

For dinner, if your family have a campfire, why not make some delicious hot dogs cooked in foil over the coals?

Breakfast is easier if you think coolly on the results of a sleepless night and serve something simple like cereal with milk and a glass of juice.

You can use plates, cups and utensils for easy cleaning, also have the option of green, invite everyone to wash their own dishes.

Fire safety

If you want the typical smell of smoke from fire to set his camp is very important to follow safety rules.

A steel container equipped with a grill, placed on a surface of gravel or stones, can be a good choice.

If they spit, they can place within reasonable distance of the store. However, it is difficult to sit in a circle to sing around the grill.

Some gardens have stone fireplace or grill. You also should have one. Use common sense to light the fire.

Prepare activities.

Do not underestimate the value of having enough options to fill the time. While everyone is busy, you will not have to deal with fights, complaints or tears. Here are some suggestions:

Tell jokes.

After everyone has eaten and picked up the dishes, invites children to gather around the campfire telling jokes. They can be actuated with a prize for the best joke.

Legends stories

When it is dark, it is traditional to have traditional stories, urban legends and slightly terrifying tales. Be careful not to be too shocking, because then no one will sleep. Depending on the age of the children, you have to control this activity so you do not get out of control and scare the kids.

See stars.

If you have a little preparation, your children and your friends can try to find constellations like the Big Dipper.

Anyway, lie on the floor and see the starry night is a calming and unique experience. If all are silent or speak in low voice, the vastness of the universe lull.

To sing.

If you play guitar, you’ll be the star of the fire. Choose traditional children songs for everyone to participate. Accept any request of the young participants. And why not share songs from your own youth? Teach your children some groundout Timbiriche or Menudo, or sing your favorite Beatles.


In the morning to wake up well and in good spirits, put upbeat music and invites everyone to jump and dance before breakfast.

Go to sleep.

Yes, you can. After the planned activities, commands all to use the bathroom to brush their teeth and get to the tent. Remind them that the rule is to stay in bed. If they can not do that, they have to get to the house to sleep in bed.

Leave the door unlocked so they can go to the bathroom at night.

Now, go to sleep! Take the distance between your bed and sleeping bags to get some rest before dawn.

Have realistic expectations.

The next day, you should not expect the same level of enthusiasm is maintained. Most likely, your children and their friends have fairly disclosed.

Therefore, make breakfast quick and simple matter, and commands all guests to come back their homes early.

Although your children crave your soft bed, I bet you will not forget the experience of sleeping with your friends under the stars.

Router Woodworking Tools

If you would like to do wood projects, you should definitely consider adding a woodworking router to your toolbox.

Carpenters use routers to complete many of the tasks traditionally performed by chisels, such as shaping parts of timber for joinery and decorative purposes. To perform cuts on a building site, carpenters using hand-held portable routers. In a workshop setting, such as a rack or cabinet shop, carpenters use both portable and stationary routers. Whether mobile or stationary, all routers accept ground cutting equipment, called bits or milling, the size and profile of determining the edge of the tool.

There are wide ranges of router bits is available for purchase, and there is also best router table that ease your work. Only your imagination sets the limits of the capabilities of your router.

What is your plan for the router

Buy a router that can fit in a table if you plan on working with large pieces of wood or making cuts as raised panels in wood. A table helps the cutting edge stable and ensure precise cutting.

Choose a hand-held router if portability is a key factor in your decision. While you can mount any router in a table, some models work best as portables. (more…)

Top 3 Sport Wired Earbud for mobile phone

Discover the Top 5 Sport Wired Earbud for mobile phone. What are sports wired earbud for iPhone or Android that smartphone owners choose? What are the best sports earbud with wireless mobile phone?

Compared to a Bluetooth earbud, a wired earbud has several advantages. There is no need to reload and the sound quality is much better for the same price. If you prefer a Bluetooth earbud, find the best wireless sports earbuds.

Best Sports Wired Earbuds

As a Bluetooth earbud, a wired earbud should match your sport. Some models are designed for indoor activities because they isolate you almost to the surrounding. Other models of earbuds are more suited for outdoor sports because they allow also hear sounds around you. These models do not mask the traffic noise and are perfect for jogging.

There are dozens of wired earbud models for sport and gym. This article will give you some advices to select best earbuds under 50 with the best quality / price ratio. Earbuds are sorted by price category and use.

1. Sound K6 Intone 2015 ($13.77)

The best-wired earbud for indoor sports at value for money is the Sound K6 Intone 2015 ($13.77).
Sound K6 Intone 2015 is a cheap sports earbud. This cheap earbud is really great for the sport. It is a comfortable earbud with a sound rendition of very good quality considering the price. It isolates from outside noise and more suitable for a workout in a gym. (more…)

Buy Sunbed or canopy facial tanner

A private solarium or sunbed buy is obviously very tempting. But what are the benefits of a private solarium or solarium? What types of sun lamps and sun tunnels are on the market? How do you know which one suits you and your personal situation? What should you look for when you want to buy a tanning bed? How do you know a safe tanning or sun mobile and what better in the store can leave?

What are the advantages of a private solarium, face the sun or sunbeds?

The main benefit of a separate tanning bed is that you are also in the winter you get a trim color by going to inform solarium lie regularly. That you can do naturally to a professional tanning salon, but a private solarium with UV lamps are much more convenient and also more hygienic.

Under the sun is through the use of infrared radiation is also good for your muscles and circulatory system. You will feel relaxed and better waste management. Vitamin D, which while tanning is produced by your body is also good for teeth and bone strength. Too much lying in a tanning bed is that for too long and too often bask not good, but want to use a tanning bed, so you only healthier and more relaxed.

What loungers and heaven exists?

The most famous solarium is the kind that you find much in the solarium. There is a large sunbed, in which it is placed both on top and on the bottom lamps. The top can be opened so that you can lie on the underside. This type of tanning bed at the same time on both sides brown. A hinged solarium or sun tunnel is large, and so you need a place where he can stand permanently.

Sun or solarium tunnel

Because many households solarium or sun tunnel requires a relatively large space, it is for the domestic market many solariums for sale, as the tan body from above as the sun does. Some of these sunlamps can permanently attach to the ceiling, can you lie under a bed or extra bed.

Sun mobile or portable solarium

The so-called sun mobile sunlamps are more compact: You can expand and sat beside the bed, with the lights while sunbathing torso does their work. After sunbathing, you can do this kind of sunbeds again quickly fold and cleanup. A sun mobile you can only store under the bed. Very practical in reality.

What to look for when buying a tanning bed or sunbed?

Because there are many different formats solarium and sunlamps exist, it is important to think about what kind of seizure in your house when it comes to size and design. When you have little space at home in a folding canopy, which you can fold after use and store under the bed, of course, very easily. Where should be located the new sun in your house? You need a regular room if you want to use the canopy only temporarily to drive him out of sight, to clean up?

A good canopy is made of solid steel, aluminum or wood. His system is designed to last long. Furthermore, a safe tanning bed has a simple operation, which is preferably also located partially inside. This allows you to while you soak temperature, humidity and regulates cooling. It should also provide a tanning comfort preferably with individual cooling fans. There are sunbeds and sunlamps with extra support. This spoil you while sunbathing with soothing scents and sounds. It is advisable to opt for a cheap popup canopies for sale

Tanning or solarium with a separate face sun is recommended. Facial skin has a different and more delicate constitution than the body surface and requires custom lamps. A built-in safety mechanism to the solarium after a certain time to turn off is also advisable. This means that you can not burn if you fall asleep while tanning.
Finally, it is critical, the quality of UV, UVA and UVB, and infrared lamps, which are used for a longer. Because you can not see from the outside or the quality of the bulbs is, this is something you should decrease with products, compare features and prices both in stores and online.

The simplest types of essential oil diffuser

Do you want to enjoy the great benefits of the aromatherapy by using essential oil diffuser? But you do not have enough money to pay for an electric essential oil diffuser that is available on the market? There are solutions for this. Here are the two simplest types of essential oil diffuser.

The soapstone essential oil diffuser

The soapstone essential oil diffusers offer an excellent opportunity for dispersing the scent of essential oils. These elements are available in different versions, but all have a small pool at the top and an open area in the base. In upper portion drops containing the fragrance oils, while the lower portion includes a heat source. The heat usually comes from a tealight candle and water are first in the basin at the top to regulate the temperature of the diffuser and prevent the oil ignites. This soapstone essential oil diffuser is a favorite tool for aromatherapy enthusiasts. Anyone can in a simple way enjoy the fragrance in the house without spending too much money on it.

Instructions on how to use:

• Make a small amount of room temperature water in the small pool at the top of the diffuser. Fill this area at least 1/2 to 2/3 full.

• A tea light candle. quickly, but carefully insert it in the recessed area at the base of the diffuser. The flame of the candle will start to test the water in the basin hot top.

• Pour a few drops (about five) of your chosen essential oil into the water at the top of the diffuser. Within a minute, you should start to smell the odor of the ointment. Use more or less oil in accordance with your wishes.

• Stay near the soapstone essential oil diffuser to monitor it while it is used. As the candle burns, the above water will evaporate. Add more water as needed.

• The tealight candle extinguishes when you finish your aromatherapy session. It is not necessary to allow the turtle to completely self burn-out. The fragrance can be felt for an hour or more after using a soapstone diffuser.

Tips & Warnings

  • Never let vicinity or let yourself fall asleep while using a soapstone essential oil diffuser. As a security measure, you should stay alert whenever a candle is used.
  • Check your soapstone essential oil diffuser, before and after each use. Look for cracks or other signs of damage. Deep cracks mean that the diffuser is to be replaced.
  • After use, the essential oil diffuser will be hot. Let it completely cool before touching it.
  • Keep small children and pets away from the soapstone essential oil diffusers when they are in used.

How to make a nebulizing essential oil diffuser

An aromatherapy essential oil diffuser makes essential oils are released as a fragrance in the air. Aromatherapy essential oil diffuser can also combine different essential oils with complaints as an alternative medical therapy. Follow a few simple steps, you can make your own essential oil diffuser at home.

Instructions on how to use:

• Mix your essential oils in mineral oil in a measuring cup with a spout pouring. With each quarter cup of oil, add about 12 drops of essential oils. then add a quarter teaspoon of vodka and mix thoroughly. Essential oils can be mixed as you wish. For example, could six drops of lavender mixed with six drops of chamomile.

• Pour oil mixture in your glass bottle so that it. About an inch or two of oil on the bottom of the bottle. The ideal glass bottles are between four and six inches tall, with a broad base and narrow neck. Place the reeds or bamboo skewers in the bottle. Start with four to six reeds and dependent fit the size of the bottle.

• Flip the reeds every few days in order to increase the oil saturation. Gently a reed at a time and dry end in the oil. Repeat for each reed. This prevents too much saturation worsen an end of the sheet and him prematurely. Fill the bottle with as necessary oils.

Tips & Warnings

Note that the goal is to be achieved as much air as possible to the essential oil . Avoid the use of too many reeds or too much oil which narrow the air flow and the efficiency of the essential oil diffuser.


Many people can start anything with air fresheners, I love it! But only if the scents are subtle and natural. The hyped Yankee Candles are what I do not personally like, for example.

According to many pieces of research, aromatherapy scents have an influence on the mood, depending on his condition can be so scenting the room with corresponding thereto mixtures. The memories are evoked by certain smells, we all know. For me, it is, for example, the laundry room smell (and really is always similar) which induces good mood and well-being in me. Or as a citrus lover any citrus scents. Whether certain scents now have a certain influence on the mind or not, I do not really care, I feel in myself that makes me a beautiful room fragrance happy and so relaxed. He conjures a lovely atmosphere, for example, afternoon tea, doing yoga or meditation.

There are various types of essential oil diffuser:

Scented candles

The I like as I said do not like, as they usually smell artificial and there are also. But I have also been tested by Cowshed candles whose scent has, however, not to my liking and I also overpriced personally feel like most natural scented candles.

The advantage of scented candles is my opinion that the complete part looks pretty and it has the least effort.

They always remind me a bit of incense, a church or temple visit, even if there are various fragrances. The heavy smoky smell I can actually tolerate only doing yoga or meditation. Impractical I also find that the ash quickly leaves stains on white furniture and you always need a saucer.


Airsprays are great if time is scarce. However, the scent fades unless you turn it, for example on the pillow. But I find the price-performance ratio is not correct.

Fragrance lamps

I used to have fragrance lamps, in which you are about water and a few drops of essential oil. They come in beautiful shapes and colors, as is safe for every taste. I was but always disturbed that the oil from sticking to the bottom and it is almost impossible to get back to clean the air. A disadvantage has the fragrance lamp for aromatherapy nebulizers (I will get to the same), however: the scent is released not so long and uniformly. For some smelling scents such as Christmas mixtures, any better with the fragrance lamp. The aroma nebulizer is in my opinion very good for light, fresh and clarifying fragrances and mixtures (citrus, lavender, bergamot, Yasmin …).

The electrical essential oil diffuser

Also, these are available in different shapes and with different functions. I have a pyramid.
With an enclosed measuring cup is poured 80ml water into the nebulizer (tip can be removed) and are about 3-5 drops of any essential oil into it. Then added the cover back on it and it can go off. The pyramid is internally equipped with a light organ, which provides additional atmospheric light. They can either be run through or push the button at the desired color. The nebulizer is not heated but the oils evaporate the mixture of water and essential oil into the room air. This is done very discreetly or more, but always very pleasant depending on the addition of oil, I think. When the water has evaporated, the unit of exhibits automatically. I’ve never timed it but a few hours, the diffuser are already running.

The nebulizer makes a low, steady-state noise, clearly, since things are moving. It is rather a gentle bubbling and thus not disturbing.

The pyramid is actually much smaller than I expected, but it may but in case 20-30 square meters space in fragrance. This did not make my fragrance lamps. I find the aroma nebulizer super and do not want to switch to more oil burners. The pyramid I ordered Farfalla, but there are countless other deals. Better yet, I would find the way, if you have multiple operating buttons, since you only times must exhibit the complete lamp for a color change. If you could use the pyramid even without fragrance, just as mood lighting. But perhaps there are other variants in which this is possible.

The price is € 54.90 naturally higher than that of a fragrance lamp, however, the purchase is worthwhile in the long run and for the pleasure with safety!Duftbrunnen

Five types of essential oil diffusers

The myriad of information that can be found on the various essential oil diffusers to choose sometimes becomes tricky. We offer you all the information you fully understand what the different types of essential oil diffuser according to essential oil diffuser reviews in order to better choose the one that will meet your expectations and needs. There are basically five types of essential oil diffusers. Each has its strengths.

The foggers

Also called essential oil misting diffuser, it is the most traditional and probably the most effective diffusers. They always consist of a glass portion and a generally concealed pump in the diffuser base.

The principle is, the essential oil is then sucked and blown propelled at high speed against the glass wall, creating a mist of pure essential oil (that is to say, thousands of micro oil particles essential in air). These micro particles are then propelled the top of the glass in your room.

The strengths of these broadcasters are numerous:

  1. First, the broadcast is cold, the properties of essential oils are perfectly preserved.
  2. The molecules of essential oils are split on impact against the glass (they are micronized, hence, the name sometimes given to this type diffuser), this frees up active ingredients and scents . This is the best way to leverage the properties of your essential oils.
  3. The distribution is based on pure essential oils. These diffusers are powerful and can quickly treat large areas (up to 100 m2 in 30 minutes).
  4. The power is adjustable to suit the size of your room and your needs.


  1. It requires minimal maintenance (cleaning 1-2 times a month depending on frequency of use)
  2. Avoid leaving your essential oils stagnate too long so they do not clog the appliance.

Diffusers of essential oils to gentle heat

Their principle is simple. A few drops of essential oils in the palm of the diffuser allow you to enjoy the delicious aroma and properties of your essential oils in your home. Pure or mixed with a little water, essential oils evaporate naturally, evaporation and diffusion are facilitated and accelerated by the addition of warmth that supplied the machine (nothing to do with the broadcasters using a nickname candle, that burn essential oils).

Several advantages of these gentle heat diffusers:

  1. The warmth does not degrade the properties of essential oils and facilitates dissemination.
  2. The maintenance is very simple; cleaning is done using a simple cloth and a little alcohol.
  3. These diffusers are often very attractive and become true decorative objects.
  4. They do absolutely no noise
  5. Agree to parts of modest size (up to 20 m 2).
  6. Dissemination throughout the day.


  1. Slower diffusion
  2. Less effective in large volumes.
  3. Do not split the molecules of essential oils to extract maximum properties and scents.

Diffusers of essential oils ultra sound:

This is the last born of essential oil diffusers, and they are quite the rage right now. This is a “hybrid” device which broadcasts at the same time essential oils and water vapor (as a humidifier). Like all hybrid devices, it has its fans and detractors. Purists and fans of aromatherapy will prefer the pure essential oils nebulizers that are probably more efficient for an aromatherapy perspective (to optimize the therapeutic properties of essential oils).

The principle of ultrasonic diffusers is: they have a tank that is filled with water + a few drops of essential oils. A vibrating surface activated by the ultrasound (frequency> 20000 Hz, inaudible) “atomized” into very fine droplets containing water + essential oil which then escapes from the device in the form of mist.

These diffusers have many advantages:

  1. These diffusers diffuse in addition to essential oils from the water vapor.
  2. Easy maintenance.
  3. Streaming is programmable for several hours.
  4. Allows for distribution of large parts up to 60 to 80 m2.


  1. The distribution is slower than with a nebulizer which will disseminate pure essential oils.
  2. It is more difficult to control the amount of essential oil that will be broadcast (essential oils are added to the water).
  3. The purists will say that we can not do perfectly dissemination of essential oils and moisturize with a single device (such diffuser is a good compromise, although it is somewhat less effective than aromatherapy nebulizers for the part).

Diffusers of essential oils “roller”

Made from white clay, pour a few drops of essential oils, your roller diffuser will absorb then diffuse slowly. Often with a small metal box, these broadcasters are ideal to be transported very easily. Close the lid and dissemination stopping naturally. This will keep the aromas of your oils intact.

The pros:

  1. Very simple diffuser use
  2. 100% natural
  3. Lightweight and convenient, you can carry it everywhere by car (for sickness or against tobacco odors), at the office, traveling etc …
  4. Very convenient to scent your cupboards, your toilet to clean your fridge, or repel moths of your wardrobes.
  5. Dissemination cold (no degradation of essential oils)
  6. Natural Diffusion
  7. Ideal for the (very) small parts


  1. Only for small rooms.
  2. Slow Diffusion.
  3. Do not split the molecules of essential oils to extract maximum properties and scents.

The “burners” of essential oils:

The oil diffuser usually consists of a candle that will “warm up” (or rather burn) a container containing pure essential oil or mixed with a little water.

These are actually nothing but chafing dishes. This type of diffuser is to avoid at all costs as the heat of a candle flame is too hot and will greatly damage the properties of your essential oils.

How to choose wine cellar?

Today, in this article, I will give you some advice to choose your wine cellar, an essential element for all lovers of wines. All these tips come from Olivier Thienot, founder of the Wine School of France, and Olivier Boniface, the manufacturer of wine cellars, owner of the brand Wincave.

A real social and cultural phenomenon, the wine is a French institution. Buy it, we must savor the and store. But often our inner lacks the appropriate criteria to keep wine in duration. This is why we need the wine cellar! It becomes essential for the proper aging potion. Several choices are available to you on the market, but not all are of a similar quality…From the material of basement to its location in your home, these advices will be of great helpful.

The criteria of a good wine cellar

Wine is a complex product that needs a suitable framework to ripen in good conditions. The reproduced electric wine cellar provide good environment. Olivier Thienot sees 5 criteria that make a good wine cellar: “It should block the smell from outside, handle the right temperature of the wine which must remain between 10 and 15 degrees and offer good humidity and sufficient moisture to protect the wine from light and vibration “.

Same story on the side of Olivier Boniface, which focuses primarily on the moisture. “The wine needs moisture for the cork that protects the liquid. If there is no moisture, the cork will dry and the wine will oxidize”. In the interests of quality, the manufacturer advises consumers to pay attention to the materials that constitute the wine cellar: “A good wine cellar is made like a bad 40s fridge. It shall consist of a metal case made of a material that causes humidity, rather than a wine cellar with a PVC box, attracting odors. ”

Also, pay attention on the price. A 600 euros wine cellar which can comprise 200 bottles is not a quality cellar. On average, it costs 1,500 to 3,000 euros for a cellar of 200 bottles. Choose a product with a metal case and avoid PVC cellars.

Differentiating service cellar and aging cellar

Please do not be fooled, the cellar service keeps the wine, but only for a few weeks while the aging cellar keeps the wine for years. Olivier Thienot, the consumer may be biased in his choice: “There is a real ambiguity in the consumer … Generally, serving cabinets are smaller and only serve to keep the right temperature for wine serve. We must rely on specialists who study caves according to the fragility of the wine. the low-end brands or supermarkets are refrigeration, surfing the success of the wine cellar … ”

Olivier Boniface recommends buying aging cellar, without dwelling on service cellars: “The service cellar keeps a cellar temperature stage is often open, the air between inside and the floors are at the same temperature. The serving cabinet is more targeted for the restaurant. No one has to keep 40 bottles of white home at the same temperature for a few weeks, at least, to make sacred feasts.

Ask about brands, take a cellar of a specialist, not a product of a brand that uses the wine cellar to complement range.

The director of the School of Wine France specifies that “any wine is stored at a temperature of 12 degrees. There is no need to look for caves with different levels of temperature. In addition, energy consumption and the technical problems will be more important. ”

The main idea of our specialists: buy aging cellar, which keeps the wine in time. Favoring a single temperature cellar, all wines can be stored at a temperature between 10 and 15 degrees.

Which size for your wine cellar?

For the size of the wine cellar, the opinion of our two specialists is similar: “Take immediately a large cellar”. If you are not limited by space and budget, buy right away a cellar supporting 250 to 300 bottles.

Know a cellar of 300 bottles is about 1.80m and 1.10m / 1.30m for a cellar of 160 bottles.

The main idea of our specialists: choose a large cellar, between 250 and 300 bottles, under penalty of being quickly limited.

Glass door for the wine cellar?

The glass door for the cellar is more aesthetic. It is a massive accessory, and with a glass door, you can admire the wine from outside and lighten the composition. The wine cellar can be seen as a decorative object.



Great, we upgrade the kitchen

Revamp the kitchen? We spend much of our time, without necessarily worrying about the decor, so let yourself go with your desires and charmed by these tricks for a long last kitchen. A little work, one stroke or new decorative elements can create magic.

Lighting, flooring, glass, credenza, accessories: everything is needed to revamp the kitchen. And those little things can give a second life for your kitchen! Find all the tips here.

1. Repainting the kitchen with a blackboard

Leaving aside the games paint or texture, now the focus is on a slate blackboard. Integrated with a whole section of your kitchen, it delights young and old. Useful to note the meal and family visit, and fun to support the imagination of our kids.

2. Revamp the kitchen with an island on wheels

The kitchen  island is an undeniable decorative element. Clever and ingenious, it gives your kitchen a more aesthetics look. Here, this huge island on wheels – and more mobile – supports your desire for a more modern kitchen.

3. Green plants to redecorate the kitchen

We say yes to green plants and their accumulation in the kitchen. Accustomed seeing them in the living room? They now take place in a different way to decorate the kitchen. Asked, suspended or climbers, they give a touch of greenery, freshness and gaiety to this cooking space.

4. A bar in the kitchen for your friendly side

Exit granny tables or other tables, now the focus is on a bar table appearance which brings a warm and  friendly atmosphere. In height, perched on a stool, you now take taste appetizer to share a meal with friend and family. How great is that!

5. Revamp the kitchen with a glass workshop

The canopy is applied into your home. An element decor that offers some brightness and originality to your space. It becomes clearer while keeping an eye on what is happening on the other side. A real trick to give a new life for your kitchen.

6. Brighten the kitchen with flashy colors

There are colors that we love, but we do not always know how to use it in our kitchen. Here, for keys on kitchen units, we can come to brighten the living room in a wink. With effective and original technique, we can renew our old kitchen!

7. Mismatched chairs to redecorate the kitchen

Are you bored in your contemporary kitchen? Do you sometimes think that it is “too perfect”? So do you dare for the accumulation of mismatched chairs! It combines different shapes, colors, materials, all for a unique look for the kitchen, according to your choice and your desires.

8. Unique tiles for your kitchen

An original credenza? Nothing is better than to enhance the character of your kitchen. Cement tile imitations should continue to multiply. The floor or the wall, colored or black and white, big or small surfaces, you can apply tiles in every way you want.

9. Adorn the kitchen with suspensions

To give presence to the interior of the kitchen, do not hesitate to play with contrasts, as with impressive lighting so your kitchen dresses graphics suspensions, which give it originality and charm

10. Paint white to the ground for a clean kitchen

Tired of that old and worn out parquet? Here are the solution: repaint, and not in any shade! White color awakens your kitchen lacks of brightness and gives a contemporary twist, which harmonizes perfectly with the rest of the room.

11. Add more accessories in the kitchen

For a personalized decoration, we need a renovation for all small objects in the kitchen. Jars, tea towels, utensils, they are the soul of the cooking space. Try to combine your kitchen with the natural. Refined accessories are chosen for simple ambiance and design at once.

12. A new sink for a rustic kitchen

Whether it is round, square or double, the sink is an essential element of the kitchen. Often unnoticed, it is now time to build on its decorative potential. So we recommend you to opt for a white sink, which is also wide and thick, and gives the kitchen a country chic atmosphere.

That is all you have to know about how to renovate your kitchen for a new look. Good luck with the renovation.