Best band saw reviews in 2016

Used to cut various materials, including wood, plastic or metal, the band saw must be chosen according to its quality. However, a quality model is often available at a higher price but still related to its performance. This article will give you best band saw reviews in 2016

Femi FEM780 XL A

Femi FEM780 XL is a bandsaw whose capacity reaches up to 105 mm. This allows you to work on various materials and still enjoy great precision in every cut. With this device, the cutting angle can be adjusted between 0 ° and 45 ° to the left so that you also can use it for various cutting jobs.

The engine power of the band saw is equal to 850 Watts. This power is large enough to allow you to work quickly to each cut. Femi FEM780 XL A is capable of operating with two different speeds and is accompanied by an electronic switch system. You can customize each task at the speed that suits you and always provides a satisfactory result.

This model comes with a locking device so you can carry it easily. The length of this unit is equal to 73 cm, width 51.4 cm and its height is equal to 39.4 cm. Compare to the size of some band saws, these measures demonstrate that the device is not as bulky as this type of product should be.

Fartools 115516

After the model described above, Fartools 115516 is a metal band saw that you should buy if you are looking for the best bandsaw. This device has been designed for trimming work and scroll metal parts without having to make much effort. The head of this unit can be tilted and its handle is ergonomic, which offers maximum comfort to each use to reduce the risk of fatigue that you may experience after several hours.

The power of Fartools 115516 reaches up to 1500 Watts. This allows you to work within a short time without any risk of tiring you because it is the device which does all the work for you. This device comes with sets of keys, an adjustable stop, two coals and a mounted blade. With all these components, you can perform different tasks and properly maintain the equipment when necessary.

The ability to cross-sectional of Fartools 115516 is 100 x 150 mm and the corner cutting capacity is equivalent to 65 x 100 mm. These cutting abilities allow you to work accurately on different types of material.

Casals VBS250

Casals VBS250 is a bandsaw whose power is equal to 250 W. This power allows you to work correctly on certain types of materials. You can enjoy good accuracy and good speed work in treating certain types of materials. The depth of cut of this model is 40 mm and the maximum height of cut is 150 mm. This allows you to perform certain types of work in comfort.

Casals VBS250 is characterized by its weight which is limited to only 11.1 kg. With this weight, you can easily handle this unit. In terms of its dimensions, it is 58, 8 cm long, 31.2 cm wide and 26 cm high, allowing you to easily store it or place it in a fixed location without fear of being crowded.

Makita 2107FK

Makita 2107FK is a portable band saw whose power is equal to 710 W. This power is considerable for you to work on different types of materials without spending your energy and within a limited time. The design of this band saw provides a comfortable use of the device in all circumstances and in the treatment of various materials.

This model is compact and lightweight compared to a model to be installed permanently at a given location. It allows you to use at home or to perform work fiddling wherever you go without fear of being crowded. In addition, you can easily move it to the material to be processed from one place to another, even from one piece to facilitate the achievement of your work.

The cutting capacity of the saw is sufficient for you to treat a number of materials in comfort. Its blade is quality for you to enjoy great precision in every cut. Although this can not be a leading product in its class, all these strengths fact that among the other models of this description.

Pain Relief Because of Essential Oils

It can be seen that essential oils can cause miracles to happen because they have a lot of benefits that people can experience, especially when it comes to the home. They can really help with pain, health, and even in improving the beauty of a person. They have more power than you think and they are really helpful in relieving people of certain discomforts in the body. Essential oils are good against muscle tension, inflammation, neuropathy, migraines, and others. They can be applied topically or by putting a few drops in a diffuser. To know which diffuser to buy, you can read reviews about essential oil diffuser to know what people are saying about each product.

Wintergreen essential oil

Wintergreen is not very common, but it is very good for treating people in pain which include headache, arthritis, menstrual cramps, and nerve pain. Wintergreen essential oil is produced by distilling leaves using steam, which contains a lot of methyl salicylate. This has pain-relieving components that works like aspirin because salicylate is a main ingredient of aspirin.

Helichrysum essential oil

This is an essential oil that can be quite expensive and it has pain relieving properties that are valued by many. Some of its properties are analgesic, anti-inflammation, and anti-spasm that really help people. It also helps with arthritis and gives support to the nervous system. A majority of the users say that they are relieved from pain right away – only minutes after the essential has been applied.

Sandalwood essential oil

It is an essential oil that relieves muscle spasms and it is good for sedating the nervous system, which helps in reducing pain in the nerves. (more…)

Food dehydration from A to Z

Cooking at a temperature which exceeds 46 ° C destroys enzymes (as well as certain vitamins and minerals). Dehydration at temperatures below 46 ° C helps live foods containing essential enzymes. It is a way of preserving food without chemicals. Food dehydration has many health benefits. It is also an effective solution for preserving fruit and use them when they are no longer in season. Among the ways, using best vacuum sealer is a perfect choice.

Food dehydration

Buying a dehydrator is justified by several reasons. The benefits of owning a food dehydrator at home.

  • It keeps the nutritional values of food
  • It is an environmentally friendly way to store food (compared to the refrigerator)
  • It allows to store fruits and vegetables in season, when their price is low
  • Can store the vegetable garden
  • Conducts original snacks and treats for children

Bring you the freedom to cook what you want, whenever you want (strawberries in winter, etc …).

Everything can be dehydrated, soup, cheese, seeds, fruits, vegetables. Dehydrated foods are solid foods that add variety to our diet. However, these are not the main dishes. Their concentration makes their consumption needed sparingly.

What foods can I be dehydrated?

  • Zucchini, mushrooms and tomatoes
  • Apples, pears, bananas and more generally all fruits
  • Sunflower seeds or pumpkin
  • The coconuts, apples (or watermelon)
  • Soaked almonds, dried fruit
  • Soaked nuts
  • Soaked sesame seeds sprouted and slightly mixed with honey
  • The almond cream

How dehydrate your foods as much as possible?

Cut fruit and vegetables into thin slices. For preparations, such as compotes, mix well. Extend mixed foods, not too thick nor too thin. You can make round biscuits or spread the mixture on a plate covered with a sheet (available in specialty stores to accompany your dehydrator) and cut after 10 hours with a pizza cutter.

After 12 hours, turn the food to allow them to dry on both sides. You can remove the dried leaves (on which you have placed your mashed potatoes, applesauce) when food is dehydrated half. The drying will end more easily …

The conservation of dehydrated foods

The preservation method depends on several factors, such as:

  • the type of food;
  • the level of dehydration;
  • climatic conditions (ambient temperature and humidity).

Dried natural foods have no preservatives like most commercial foods. Thus, these foods have limited shelf period. Dehydrated foods keep longer, although this time is not infinite. There are three important factors that contribute to food spoilage dehydrated: moisture, air and heat.

Humidity: how quickly will develop harmful bacteria in your food directly depends on the moisture they contain. All these bacteria feed on nutrients and enzymes in your food that you hoped to keep for you. Over time, it will do more than waste. The complete extraction of moisture, but why not a conservation mode type “packaging” will prevent moisture from reaching your food.
Refrigeration will help slow the process, but did not completely stop.

Air: even in the absence of moisture or bacteria, the oxygen in the air around the food will contribute to the oxidation (metabolization) oils, lipids, vitamins and enzymes. We recommend using sealed containers that will slow the process slightly. The vacuum packaging is the only method that will completely remove the air and stop rancidity caused by oxidation. However, we point out here that the evacuation will not prevent the development of bacteria, if the food contains moisture. In effect, the refrigeration will slow down the process, but does not completely stop.

Heat: The shelf life depends directly on the cool temperature. But as we have seen previously, freezing can not completely eliminate oxidation, known as “freezer-burn”.

The vacuum sealer

The vacuum packaging is a simple process whereby a small pump sucks air from a plastic bag or glass container and then seal it before the air enters there again. To keep dehydrated foods, vacuum packaging is the ideal method.

Because with dehydration we removed all the moisture, the vacuum sealing will keep moisture away and prevent the formation of bacteria. Additionally, removing air prevents rancidity due to oxidation.

In general, the dehydrated foods will keep for up to 20 times longer in vacuum packs in sealed containers. You can buy a vacuum sealer in big box stores for a price between € 25 and € 60. Be vigilant because some vacuum wrappings systems contain no accessories for use with the type of glass jars “Mason”, with metal lids.

How to camp in the garden?

If you live in the city and have no chance to take your kids camping in the woods, you can improvise and create an unforgettable experience in your own garden.

In these summer evenings, why not take advantage of the weather and organize a camp for your kids and their friends?

Choose the best night.

Involve your children in planning. Invite them to check the weather in advance, looking for a clear day to enjoy the moon and stars sky.

If your family are going to have a campfire, it is important that there should not have too much wind.

Measure the ground.

Where can you pitch up the tent? The fire? They must have adequate space to store not bring the fire too.

For the tent, looking for a place without rocks, with firm and dry ground. The fire needs a space away from plants and trees to avoid the risk of fire.

How to camp

Part of the magic of being outside on a camping is that all are packed inside the tent. If you can have some cheap tents for sale, it is the best. If you do not have the equipment, your children can improvise. Invite your children to use their creativity, using their own structure with garden furniture and wall sheets or blankets.


Depending on the size of the tent, invite friends. It works very well if they are children of the same age as your children. They can plan the event begins with dinner around the campfire or grill, and ends the next day after breakfast.

Ask guests to bring their own sleeping bags, pillows and stuffed animals.

Make the menu

For dinner, if your family have a campfire, why not make some delicious hot dogs cooked in foil over the coals?

Breakfast is easier if you think coolly on the results of a sleepless night and serve something simple like cereal with milk and a glass of juice.

You can use plates, cups and utensils for easy cleaning, also have the option of green, invite everyone to wash their own dishes.

Fire safety

If you want the typical smell of smoke from fire to set his camp is very important to follow safety rules.

A steel container equipped with a grill, placed on a surface of gravel or stones, can be a good choice.

If they spit, they can place within reasonable distance of the store. However, it is difficult to sit in a circle to sing around the grill.

Some gardens have stone fireplace or grill. You also should have one. Use common sense to light the fire.

Prepare activities.

Do not underestimate the value of having enough options to fill the time. While everyone is busy, you will not have to deal with fights, complaints or tears. Here are some suggestions:

Tell jokes.

After everyone has eaten and picked up the dishes, invites children to gather around the campfire telling jokes. They can be actuated with a prize for the best joke.

Legends stories

When it is dark, it is traditional to have traditional stories, urban legends and slightly terrifying tales. Be careful not to be too shocking, because then no one will sleep. Depending on the age of the children, you have to control this activity so you do not get out of control and scare the kids.

See stars.

If you have a little preparation, your children and your friends can try to find constellations like the Big Dipper.

Anyway, lie on the floor and see the starry night is a calming and unique experience. If all are silent or speak in low voice, the vastness of the universe lull.

To sing.

If you play guitar, you’ll be the star of the fire. Choose traditional children songs for everyone to participate. Accept any request of the young participants. And why not share songs from your own youth? Teach your children some groundout Timbiriche or Menudo, or sing your favorite Beatles.


In the morning to wake up well and in good spirits, put upbeat music and invites everyone to jump and dance before breakfast.

Go to sleep.

Yes, you can. After the planned activities, commands all to use the bathroom to brush their teeth and get to the tent. Remind them that the rule is to stay in bed. If they can not do that, they have to get to the house to sleep in bed.

Leave the door unlocked so they can go to the bathroom at night.

Now, go to sleep! Take the distance between your bed and sleeping bags to get some rest before dawn.

Have realistic expectations.

The next day, you should not expect the same level of enthusiasm is maintained. Most likely, your children and their friends have fairly disclosed.

Therefore, make breakfast quick and simple matter, and commands all guests to come back their homes early.

Although your children crave your soft bed, I bet you will not forget the experience of sleeping with your friends under the stars.

Router Woodworking Tools

If you would like to do wood projects, you should definitely consider adding a woodworking router to your toolbox.

Carpenters use routers to complete many of the tasks traditionally performed by chisels, such as shaping parts of timber for joinery and decorative purposes. To perform cuts on a building site, carpenters using hand-held portable routers. In a workshop setting, such as a rack or cabinet shop, carpenters use both portable and stationary routers. Whether mobile or stationary, all routers accept ground cutting equipment, called bits or milling, the size and profile of determining the edge of the tool.

There are wide ranges of router bits is available for purchase, and there is also best router table that ease your work. Only your imagination sets the limits of the capabilities of your router.

What is your plan for the router

Buy a router that can fit in a table if you plan on working with large pieces of wood or making cuts as raised panels in wood. A table helps the cutting edge stable and ensure precise cutting.

Choose a hand-held router if portability is a key factor in your decision. While you can mount any router in a table, some models work best as portables. (more…)

Top 3 Sport Wired Earbud for mobile phone

Discover the Top 5 Sport Wired Earbud for mobile phone. What are sports wired earbud for iPhone or Android that smartphone owners choose? What are the best sports earbud with wireless mobile phone?

Compared to a Bluetooth earbud, a wired earbud has several advantages. There is no need to reload and the sound quality is much better for the same price. If you prefer a Bluetooth earbud, find the best wireless sports earbuds.

Best Sports Wired Earbuds

As a Bluetooth earbud, a wired earbud should match your sport. Some models are designed for indoor activities because they isolate you almost to the surrounding. Other models of earbuds are more suited for outdoor sports because they allow also hear sounds around you. These models do not mask the traffic noise and are perfect for jogging.

There are dozens of wired earbud models for sport and gym. This article will give you some advices to select best earbuds under 50 with the best quality / price ratio. Earbuds are sorted by price category and use.

1. Sound K6 Intone 2015 ($13.77)

The best-wired earbud for indoor sports at value for money is the Sound K6 Intone 2015 ($13.77).
Sound K6 Intone 2015 is a cheap sports earbud. This cheap earbud is really great for the sport. It is a comfortable earbud with a sound rendition of very good quality considering the price. It isolates from outside noise and more suitable for a workout in a gym. (more…)

Himark Launches Coordinates

Himark Enterprises Inc. is introducing two new lines of kitchen utensils. The Hunter Ridge line is a collection of maple and natural oak housewares painted green. The other is a collection of ceramic utensils painted with fruit and green checkered patterns, sold under the Vegetable Medley name.

The Vegetable Medley line

The Hunter Ridge collection includes a bread box, paper towel and napkin holders, spice rack, mug tree and salt and pepper shakers; prices range from $12 to $50 for each piece. The Vegetable Medley line includes a cutting board, rivet, utensil jar, tea kettle and mugs; prices range from $9.99 to $49.99.

Enterprises Inc. is taking its kitchen coordination program a step further with the introduction of two separate but coordinating lines Hunter Ridge, a green painted maple and natural oak woodenware assortment, and Vegetable Medley, a fruit and green checkered ceramics collection.

“We’re looking to provide a total picture because, when people think of a new kitchen look, they want to make a complete statement,” said Linda Rothstein, marketing and design director for the Hauppauge, N.Y.-based company. “At retail, this can lead to multiple sales.”


Boglar Handpainted Lines

A collection of Hungarian porcelain by Boglar Mohacsi and Hungarian glassware products will be distributed in the US by Palmer-Smith and marketing firm HFT Corp, which have a joint distribution agreement with each other. The Boglar products are decorated in traditional Hungarian patterns, such as detailed florals and lattice work. The porcelain products are decorated with touches of gold.

Two marketing organization

HFT Corp., a Central European trade and finance company, and Palmer-Smith, distributor of Hungarian porcelain based here, have joined to introduce the Boglar collection of handpainted Hungarian porcelain and glassware to the U.S.

Palmer-Smith will distribute the line in the U.S., which is produced in the Hollohaza porcelain factory in Hungary.

“There is a market for porcelain and glassware which is built on Hungry’s centuries-old craftsmanship tradition,” said Edwin Pound, president of Palmer-Smith.


Lumiscope Looks Beyond Diagnosing

Lumiscope plans to introduce more stress reduction personal care appliances, with a focus on massage products. The company introduced a shiatsu massager in 1993, and will introduce a foot massager, priced at $39.99 retail. Another category that Lumiscope will add to is its home diagnostic tools, such as a blood pressure monitor for $119.90. A second blood pressure product holds 28 blood pressure readings in its memory.

When consumers hear the name Lumiscope, they likely think of diagnostic devices, such as blood-pressure monitors, for which the company is well known.

But now, instead of just being concerned with detecting the results of stress, Lumiscope is getting into the business of trying to prevent, or quell stress.

Build its business within its established niche

While Lumiscope continues to build its business within its established niche, according to Marc Bernstein, president, the company is now expanding another branch of its business which it started two years ago, namely massagers.

“We’re placing new emphasis on the massager category,” Bernstein said. We have a few different types of product lines, such as diagnostic and patient aids, but we also have what we call feel good, items, that help relieve stress.


Wicks ‘n’ Sticks Takes New Tack: Sales Soar

Wicks ‘n’ Sticks will focus on building trust among its franchisees as the company emerges from bankruptcy. Already sales are 9.4% higher in 1994, which is more than the expected 4%. One way the firm plans to increase sales is to redesign the store format of the 193-unit chain. Customers in the 1990s have less time to shop, and a cleaner, more organized format serves them better. The chain has been in business since the 1960s.

Wicks ‘n’ Sticks


The women who run Wicks ‘n’ Sticks are looking at sales far ahead of expectations, but they say there’s still plenty to do to rebuild the confidence of the company’s franchisees.

Wicks ‘n’ Sticks retails candles, fragrances and related accessories through a chain of 193 stores, all but two of which are franchises. It is the country’s largest retailer of that kind of merchandise.

The company emerged from bankruptcy in November 1992

According to the company, sales this year are running 9.4 percent ahead of last year. The original forecast had been a gain of 4.5 percent.

Deborah Steinberg, who was named president in June, is leading a new management team to develop a new store image and restore the confidence of franchisees, many of whom were shaken by the company’s financial troubles. (more…)