Top 3 Sport Wired Earbud for mobile phone

Discover the Top 5 Sport Wired Earbud for mobile phone. What are sports wired earbud for iPhone or Android that smartphone owners choose? What are the best sports earbud with wireless mobile phone?

Compared to a Bluetooth earbud, a wired earbud has several advantages. There is no need to reload and the sound quality is much better for the same price. If you prefer a Bluetooth earbud, find the best wireless sports earbuds.

Best Sports Wired Earbuds

As a Bluetooth earbud, a wired earbud should match your sport. Some models are designed for indoor activities because they isolate you almost to the surrounding. Other models of earbuds are more suited for outdoor sports because they allow also hear sounds around you. These models do not mask the traffic noise and are perfect for jogging.

There are dozens of wired earbud models for sport and gym. This article will give you some advices to select best earbuds under 50 with the best quality / price ratio. Earbuds are sorted by price category and use.

1. Sound K6 Intone 2015 ($13.77)

The best-wired earbud for indoor sports at value for money is the Sound K6 Intone 2015 ($13.77).
Sound K6 Intone 2015 is a cheap sports earbud. This cheap earbud is really great for the sport. It is a comfortable earbud with a sound rendition of very good quality considering the price. It isolates from outside noise and more suitable for a workout in a gym.

2. Sennheiser CX 686G Sports ($49)

The best wired earbud for sports within the quality level is the Sennheiser CX 686G Sports ($49).
The Sennheiser CX 686G Sports is an earbud that has a cable with remote control and microphone compatible with most smartphones and portable players (Galaxy and most Android devices). Its closed-ear design helps to block ambient noise (indoor use). These earbuds offer the Sennheiser sound quality and robustness required for intensive sports use.

3. Philips ActionFit SHQ1305WS (€ 29.99)

A wired earbud for outdoor sports has an open acoustic design which let you easily hear your environment. This is great for running or other outdoor sports. In return, the sound quality is a little worse than on a earbud for inside.
The best-wired earbud for sports outdoors for less than $50 is the Philips ActionFit SHQ1305WS (€ 29.99).

Philips ActionFit SHQ1305WS are semi-ear Sport resistant to perspiration. The acoustic design is open to perceive the environment. The earbud is ideal for sports because it resists moisture and perspiration. Stabilizers ActionFit keep the earphones in place in your ears, so you can stay focused on your workout. It also has a button for hands-free calls. For cons, the sound quality is poor on this model.

Why should you buy a sports wired earbud

A wired earbud makes life easier to run with your smartphone. It is ultra lightweight neckband which provides more comfort. Compared with conventional earbuds, sports earbuds offers strong moisture resistant. It allows you an intense sporting use and can be simply rinsed after use. The in-ear design of the earbud gives you greater security with greater environmental awareness.

Sport Wired earbud is practical to run with your cell phone in the same way that it has an application for running and a sports armband. It can also be useful for cyclists, triathletes, walkers or hikers.

A sport earbud can be as bluetooth. A wireless earbud allows you to free you from bulky son during training and listen to music or receive hands-free calls. Some earbuds are designed specifically for iOS devices such as iPhone 5, 5S, 5C, 4S, iPod Touch. Others are compatible with most smartphones as iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, 5S, 5C and some Android devices including the Samsung Galaxy S3 and S4 with Android 4.3 or later versions

Pricewise, a sport earbuds for mobile phone costs between 10 and $50. The price difference is due to the quality of products. The brand like Philips and Sennheiser earbuds are better quality.

How to choose a sports wired earbud

4 things to check before buying a sports earbud for smartphone:

1. The comfort and stability: the ergonomics of earbuds or earphones sports must be designed not to slip while jogging or because of sweat. The stability of the helmet is an essential criterion.

2. The duration of the battery: it’s a given that allows to know how many hours of music you have before recharging the earbuds. Sport Bluetooth earbud offers TaoTronics eg up to 5 hours of talk / music time and up to 175 hours standby time on a single charge.

3. The strength: sports earbuds should be strong enough to withstand sweat and weather. A quality sports earbud as SoundSport Bose offers the strength and thus longevity.

4. Sound quality: it depends on your budget to buy a sport earbud. For the best sound quality with deep bass and accurate, it generally invests in high-quality material such as sports earphones Jaybird BLUE BUDS X or sports earbuds Bose SoundSport.


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