How to camp in the garden?

If you live in the city and have no chance to take your kids camping in the woods, you can improvise and create an unforgettable experience in your own garden.

In these summer evenings, why not take advantage of the weather and organize a camp for your kids and their friends?

Choose the best night.

Involve your children in planning. Invite them to check the weather in advance, looking for a clear day to enjoy the moon and stars sky.

If your family are going to have a campfire, it is important that there should not have too much wind.

Measure the ground.

Where can you pitch up the tent? The fire? They must have adequate space to store not bring the fire too.

For the tent, looking for a place without rocks, with firm and dry ground. The fire needs a space away from plants and trees to avoid the risk of fire.

How to camp

Part of the magic of being outside on a camping is that all are packed inside the tent. If you can have some cheap tents for sale, it is the best. If you do not have the equipment, your children can improvise. Invite your children to use their creativity, using their own structure with garden furniture and wall sheets or blankets.


Depending on the size of the tent, invite friends. It works very well if they are children of the same age as your children. They can plan the event begins with dinner around the campfire or grill, and ends the next day after breakfast.

Ask guests to bring their own sleeping bags, pillows and stuffed animals.

Make the menu

For dinner, if your family have a campfire, why not make some delicious hot dogs cooked in foil over the coals?

Breakfast is easier if you think coolly on the results of a sleepless night and serve something simple like cereal with milk and a glass of juice.

You can use plates, cups and utensils for easy cleaning, also have the option of green, invite everyone to wash their own dishes.

Fire safety

If you want the typical smell of smoke from fire to set his camp is very important to follow safety rules.

A steel container equipped with a grill, placed on a surface of gravel or stones, can be a good choice.

If they spit, they can place within reasonable distance of the store. However, it is difficult to sit in a circle to sing around the grill.

Some gardens have stone fireplace or grill. You also should have one. Use common sense to light the fire.

Prepare activities.

Do not underestimate the value of having enough options to fill the time. While everyone is busy, you will not have to deal with fights, complaints or tears. Here are some suggestions:

Tell jokes.

After everyone has eaten and picked up the dishes, invites children to gather around the campfire telling jokes. They can be actuated with a prize for the best joke.

Legends stories

When it is dark, it is traditional to have traditional stories, urban legends and slightly terrifying tales. Be careful not to be too shocking, because then no one will sleep. Depending on the age of the children, you have to control this activity so you do not get out of control and scare the kids.

See stars.

If you have a little preparation, your children and your friends can try to find constellations like the Big Dipper.

Anyway, lie on the floor and see the starry night is a calming and unique experience. If all are silent or speak in low voice, the vastness of the universe lull.

To sing.

If you play guitar, you’ll be the star of the fire. Choose traditional children songs for everyone to participate. Accept any request of the young participants. And why not share songs from your own youth? Teach your children some groundout Timbiriche or Menudo, or sing your favorite Beatles.


In the morning to wake up well and in good spirits, put upbeat music and invites everyone to jump and dance before breakfast.

Go to sleep.

Yes, you can. After the planned activities, commands all to use the bathroom to brush their teeth and get to the tent. Remind them that the rule is to stay in bed. If they can not do that, they have to get to the house to sleep in bed.

Leave the door unlocked so they can go to the bathroom at night.

Now, go to sleep! Take the distance between your bed and sleeping bags to get some rest before dawn.

Have realistic expectations.

The next day, you should not expect the same level of enthusiasm is maintained. Most likely, your children and their friends have fairly disclosed.

Therefore, make breakfast quick and simple matter, and commands all guests to come back their homes early.

Although your children crave your soft bed, I bet you will not forget the experience of sleeping with your friends under the stars.

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