Best band saw reviews in 2016

Used to cut various materials, including wood, plastic or metal, the band saw must be chosen according to its quality. However, a quality model is often available at a higher price but still related to its performance. This article will give you best band saw reviews in 2016

Femi FEM780 XL A

Femi FEM780 XL is a bandsaw whose capacity reaches up to 105 mm. This allows you to work on various materials and still enjoy great precision in every cut. With this device, the cutting angle can be adjusted between 0 ° and 45 ° to the left so that you also can use it for various cutting jobs.

The engine power of the band saw is equal to 850 Watts. This power is large enough to allow you to work quickly to each cut. Femi FEM780 XL A is capable of operating with two different speeds and is accompanied by an electronic switch system. You can customize each task at the speed that suits you and always provides a satisfactory result.

This model comes with a locking device so you can carry it easily. The length of this unit is equal to 73 cm, width 51.4 cm and its height is equal to 39.4 cm. Compare to the size of some band saws, these measures demonstrate that the device is not as bulky as this type of product should be.

Fartools 115516

After the model described above, Fartools 115516 is a metal band saw that you should buy if you are looking for the best bandsaw. This device has been designed for trimming work and scroll metal parts without having to make much effort. The head of this unit can be tilted and its handle is ergonomic, which offers maximum comfort to each use to reduce the risk of fatigue that you may experience after several hours.

The power of Fartools 115516 reaches up to 1500 Watts. This allows you to work within a short time without any risk of tiring you because it is the device which does all the work for you. This device comes with sets of keys, an adjustable stop, two coals and a mounted blade. With all these components, you can perform different tasks and properly maintain the equipment when necessary.

The ability to cross-sectional of Fartools 115516 is 100 x 150 mm and the corner cutting capacity is equivalent to 65 x 100 mm. These cutting abilities allow you to work accurately on different types of material.

Casals VBS250

Casals VBS250 is a bandsaw whose power is equal to 250 W. This power allows you to work correctly on certain types of materials. You can enjoy good accuracy and good speed work in treating certain types of materials. The depth of cut of this model is 40 mm and the maximum height of cut is 150 mm. This allows you to perform certain types of work in comfort.

Casals VBS250 is characterized by its weight which is limited to only 11.1 kg. With this weight, you can easily handle this unit. In terms of its dimensions, it is 58, 8 cm long, 31.2 cm wide and 26 cm high, allowing you to easily store it or place it in a fixed location without fear of being crowded.

Makita 2107FK

Makita 2107FK is a portable band saw whose power is equal to 710 W. This power is considerable for you to work on different types of materials without spending your energy and within a limited time. The design of this band saw provides a comfortable use of the device in all circumstances and in the treatment of various materials.

This model is compact and lightweight compared to a model to be installed permanently at a given location. It allows you to use at home or to perform work fiddling wherever you go without fear of being crowded. In addition, you can easily move it to the material to be processed from one place to another, even from one piece to facilitate the achievement of your work.

The cutting capacity of the saw is sufficient for you to treat a number of materials in comfort. Its blade is quality for you to enjoy great precision in every cut. Although this can not be a leading product in its class, all these strengths fact that among the other models of this description.

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