How to choose a ceiling fan for your home

Are you coping with the hot air? Are you finding the cheap, efficient solution? Here are all tips you need to choose the best ceiling fans for your home.

The diameter of a ceiling fan: Which is appropriate?

  • For a room up to 9/10 m2? The diameter of the blades of the ceiling fan should be about 80 cm
  • For a piece of 9 to 20 m2? The diameter of the ceiling fan blades must be 100 to 115 cm.
  • For a room of 40 to 50 m 2? The diameter of the ceiling fan blades should be 120/130cm.

These data on blades of ceiling fans are approximate and also depend on both the volume of the room and the ceiling height. Similarly, if the room is very large, we will need to provide a slightly higher power.

What is the right number of blades of the ceiling fan?

The number of blades of the ceiling fan (2, 3, 4 or 5) will be more a matter of aesthetics rather than efficiency.

The inclination of the blades of the ceiling fan: Is it important?

In general, ceiling fans blades have slopes of about 10 degrees and the most efficient models blades inclination goes up to 17 or 18 degrees with more powerful engines. Is the inclination of the blades ceiling fans, unlike the number of blades, will ensure fan efficiency in using.

How high to install the ceiling fan?

If the ceiling of your room is not very high, do not choose a ceiling fan that has too long rod which risks people to bump or injury.

How to turn on a ceiling fan?

The ceiling fans start running through:

  • A manual pull tab that is attached to the ceiling fan motor
  • A wired switch
  • A remote control for controlling both the fan and also light if equipped.

Is the speed of rotation of the blades of the ceiling fan important?

The rotation speed of the blades of the ceiling fan is a guarantee of comfort while using. Ceiling fans low-end have one or two speeds. Ceiling fans for medium and high range have three speeds. Some ceiling fans models of high-end can have four speeds.

Ceiling fan: With or without light?

With or without light, ceiling fans come in different styles: classic, modern or ancient, with finishes and different colors. The choice will only depend on your home and your tastes.

Are interchangeable blades of ceiling fans?

Finally, some ceiling fan models have interchangeable blades whose faces are possible to offer different color sets, allowing to choose the one that best suits your interior or to change from time to time if you want.

What is the maintenance of a ceiling fan?

Proper maintenance of your ceiling fan will lengthen its life. Before maintaining the ceiling fan, you should disconnect the power supply of the product. A few weeks after installation and after a few hours of use, it is recommended to check the attachment of the ceiling fan to the ceiling. This verification should also be done once or twice a year depending on use. Tighten detour the ceiling fixing screws and the fixing screws of the blades of the ceiling fan. Clean the ceiling fan with a soft cloth and vacuum the dust from inaccessible places. There is no need to oil your ceiling fan. Replace defective bulbs on the ceiling fan after removing the globe if necessary. Do not forget to clean the globe before reinstalling.

With a ceiling fan, you can create a movement of air in the room and give a feeling of freshness. This is a very economical and efficient solution for high temperatures. In USA, the benefits of ceiling fan are little known but in hot countries such devices are widespread.

How does the summer-winter fashion?

The summer-winter mode works because of the reversibility of the fans! Indeed, in the summer, your fan rotates in one direction which allows tracing the hot air and so cooling your room. In the winter, by turning pale in the other direction, your fan will bring down the warm air and so it will heat up your room. This type of fan, also called heater ceiling fan, is often associated with wood stoves to increase the effectiveness of each other.

Good luck with the purchase!

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