Many people can start anything with air fresheners, I love it! But only if the scents are subtle and natural. The hyped Yankee Candles are what I do not personally like, for example.

According to many pieces of research, aromatherapy scents have an influence on the mood, depending on his condition can be so scenting the room with corresponding thereto mixtures. The memories are evoked by certain smells, we all know. For me, it is, for example, the laundry room smell (and really is always similar) which induces good mood and well-being in me. Or as a citrus lover any citrus scents. Whether certain scents now have a certain influence on the mind or not, I do not really care, I feel in myself that makes me a beautiful room fragrance happy and so relaxed. He conjures a lovely atmosphere, for example, afternoon tea, doing yoga or meditation.

There are various types of essential oil diffuser:

Scented candles

The I like as I said do not like, as they usually smell artificial and there are also. But I have also been tested by Cowshed candles whose scent has, however, not to my liking and I also overpriced personally feel like most natural scented candles.

The advantage of scented candles is my opinion that the complete part looks pretty and it has the least effort.

They always remind me a bit of incense, a church or temple visit, even if there are various fragrances. The heavy smoky smell I can actually tolerate only doing yoga or meditation. Impractical I also find that the ash quickly leaves stains on white furniture and you always need a saucer.


Airsprays are great if time is scarce. However, the scent fades unless you turn it, for example on the pillow. But I find the price-performance ratio is not correct.

Fragrance lamps

I used to have fragrance lamps, in which you are about water and a few drops of essential oil. They come in beautiful shapes and colors, as is safe for every taste. I was but always disturbed that the oil from sticking to the bottom and it is almost impossible to get back to clean the air. A disadvantage has the fragrance lamp for aromatherapy nebulizers (I will get to the same), however: the scent is released not so long and uniformly. For some smelling scents such as Christmas mixtures, any better with the fragrance lamp. The aroma nebulizer is in my opinion very good for light, fresh and clarifying fragrances and mixtures (citrus, lavender, bergamot, Yasmin …).

The electrical essential oil diffuser

Also, these are available in different shapes and with different functions. I have a pyramid.
With an enclosed measuring cup is poured 80ml water into the nebulizer (tip can be removed) and are about 3-5 drops of any essential oil into it. Then added the cover back on it and it can go off. The pyramid is internally equipped with a light organ, which provides additional atmospheric light. They can either be run through or push the button at the desired color. The nebulizer is not heated but the oils evaporate the mixture of water and essential oil into the room air. This is done very discreetly or more, but always very pleasant depending on the addition of oil, I think. When the water has evaporated, the unit of exhibits automatically. I’ve never timed it but a few hours, the diffuser are already running.

The nebulizer makes a low, steady-state noise, clearly, since things are moving. It is rather a gentle bubbling and thus not disturbing.

The pyramid is actually much smaller than I expected, but it may but in case 20-30 square meters space in fragrance. This did not make my fragrance lamps. I find the aroma nebulizer super and do not want to switch to more oil burners. The pyramid I ordered Farfalla, but there are countless other deals. Better yet, I would find the way, if you have multiple operating buttons, since you only times must exhibit the complete lamp for a color change. If you could use the pyramid even without fragrance, just as mood lighting. But perhaps there are other variants in which this is possible.

The price is € 54.90 naturally higher than that of a fragrance lamp, however, the purchase is worthwhile in the long run and for the pleasure with safety!Duftbrunnen

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