The simplest types of essential oil diffuser

Do you want to enjoy the great benefits of the aromatherapy by using essential oil diffuser? But you do not have enough money to pay for an electric essential oil diffuser that is available on the market? There are solutions for this. Here are the two simplest types of essential oil diffuser.

The soapstone essential oil diffuser

The soapstone essential oil diffusers offer an excellent opportunity for dispersing the scent of essential oils. These elements are available in different versions, but all have a small pool at the top and an open area in the base. In upper portion drops containing the fragrance oils, while the lower portion includes a heat source. The heat usually comes from a tealight candle and water are first in the basin at the top to regulate the temperature of the diffuser and prevent the oil ignites. This soapstone essential oil diffuser is a favorite tool for aromatherapy enthusiasts. Anyone can in a simple way enjoy the fragrance in the house without spending too much money on it.

Instructions on how to use:

• Make a small amount of room temperature water in the small pool at the top of the diffuser. Fill this area at least 1/2 to 2/3 full.

• A tea light candle. quickly, but carefully insert it in the recessed area at the base of the diffuser. The flame of the candle will start to test the water in the basin hot top.

• Pour a few drops (about five) of your chosen essential oil into the water at the top of the diffuser. Within a minute, you should start to smell the odor of the ointment. Use more or less oil in accordance with your wishes.

• Stay near the soapstone essential oil diffuser to monitor it while it is used. As the candle burns, the above water will evaporate. Add more water as needed.

• The tealight candle extinguishes when you finish your aromatherapy session. It is not necessary to allow the turtle to completely self burn-out. The fragrance can be felt for an hour or more after using a soapstone diffuser.

Tips & Warnings

  • Never let vicinity or let yourself fall asleep while using a soapstone essential oil diffuser. As a security measure, you should stay alert whenever a candle is used.
  • Check your soapstone essential oil diffuser, before and after each use. Look for cracks or other signs of damage. Deep cracks mean that the diffuser is to be replaced.
  • After use, the essential oil diffuser will be hot. Let it completely cool before touching it.
  • Keep small children and pets away from the soapstone essential oil diffusers when they are in used.

How to make a nebulizing essential oil diffuser

An aromatherapy essential oil diffuser makes essential oils are released as a fragrance in the air. Aromatherapy essential oil diffuser can also combine different essential oils with complaints as an alternative medical therapy. Follow a few simple steps, you can make your own essential oil diffuser at home.

Instructions on how to use:

• Mix your essential oils in mineral oil in a measuring cup with a spout pouring. With each quarter cup of oil, add about 12 drops of essential oils. then add a quarter teaspoon of vodka and mix thoroughly. Essential oils can be mixed as you wish. For example, could six drops of lavender mixed with six drops of chamomile.

• Pour oil mixture in your glass bottle so that it. About an inch or two of oil on the bottom of the bottle. The ideal glass bottles are between four and six inches tall, with a broad base and narrow neck. Place the reeds or bamboo skewers in the bottle. Start with four to six reeds and dependent fit the size of the bottle.

• Flip the reeds every few days in order to increase the oil saturation. Gently a reed at a time and dry end in the oil. Repeat for each reed. This prevents too much saturation worsen an end of the sheet and him prematurely. Fill the bottle with as necessary oils.

Tips & Warnings

Note that the goal is to be achieved as much air as possible to the essential oil . Avoid the use of too many reeds or too much oil which narrow the air flow and the efficiency of the essential oil diffuser.

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