Types of electric lawnmowers and how to troubleshoot problems

Lawn mowers are used to cut and maintain the garden. These common household machines come in a variety of formats, ranging from electricity to gas powered hand. One of the main drawbacks of lawnmowers is moving the mower around a lawn. While traditional lawn mowers do not have assisted movement, the 2010 market has several types of lawnmowers energy. There is also electric start self-propelled lawn mower. View electric start self propelled lawn mower reviews.

Types of electric lawn mowers

Developed push mower

The machine is fed manually advanced in the traditional lawn mower manual push shot. Advanced push mowers use a motor for rotating the cutting blades, and in some models, the engine also powers the wheels. Push-help lawnmowers are ideal for those with large gardens or patios with steep slopes as the operator just surf the push mower instead of manually. Developed push mowers come in a variety of sizes and characteristics that directly affect the total cost of the mower. This type of mower is powered by a motor, either electric or gas. While electric mowers require a battery or power supply and no gasoline, these mowers may not be ideal for large yards as the battery may not last long enough to cut the entire yard time.

Riding Lawn Mower

An engine drives riding lawn mowers, which are also known as lawn tractors, and operators sit on mower in the yard and navigate through a steering wheel or back-shooters. This type of lawn mower power is ideal for those with large patios or people with arthritis, motor power back or muscle ailments such as lawn mower and the operator are based on the mower during use. The riding lawn mowers vary in features and cutting width; However, most have a cutting width of 42 to 48 inches and can mulch, bag or discharge of cut grass.

Robotic mowers

One of the most advanced power lawn mowers is the robotic mower. This lawnmower high-tech short grass without the supervision of an operator and uses the robot to navigate around the courtyard technologies. Although the exact specifications of robotic lawn mowers vary by product, these mowers usually require a cable back to be placed along the border of the garden. When the robotic mower is activated determines the size of the yard, following the boundary wire and mosaic uses algorithms to determine the best mowing pattern of your lawn. Paralumun said robotic mowers can maintain a garden of two hectares, and some monitor growth patterns to determine when the grass needs to be cut grass.

Troubleshooting an Electric lawn mower

There are many reasons why your electric lawn mower will not work, but the main reasons problems with battery cables or plugs. If you try to solve all these areas, it should give you an indication of what is wrong and how it can be fixed.


If you are having problems with your electric lawn mower, it is possible that his power is the culprit. When you start troubleshooting, you must first make sure that the man died in his electric lawn engine works. The switch for the dead must be in the correct position for starting to work. Turn the ignition key to the “On” position and then turn right again “No”; return to “On” again to ensure that there is an active connection on the mower. If there is a problem with the connection, then you have to be replaced ignition.


After checking the ignition, take a look at the cables between the battery and ignition. If you see any wear on the wires, which have to be repaired. Check out the battery cables and make sure they are securely attached to the battery terminals. If you see any corrosion on the battery, you need to clean it. Verify that the battery is charged, because his electric lawn mower will not work without it.

Spark plug

A bad spark plug will prevent the engine turn over. Make sure the plug on your lawn mower is a proper separation. Gapped is the term used for the distance of the electricity arcs between the center electrode and the ground electrode. Make sure it is correctly installed and connected to the spark plug wire. You will need a vacuum tool to determine the appropriate space for your engine. If your spark plug is doing and your lawn mower does not start, you may need to get a new ignition module.

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