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A private solarium or sunbed buy is obviously very tempting. But what are the benefits of a private solarium or solarium? What types of sun lamps and sun tunnels are on the market? How do you know which one suits you and your personal situation? What should you look for when you want to buy a tanning bed? How do you know a safe tanning or sun mobile and what better in the store can leave?

What are the advantages of a private solarium, face the sun or sunbeds?

The main benefit of a separate tanning bed is that you are also in the winter you get a trim color by going to inform solarium lie regularly. That you can do naturally to a professional tanning salon, but a private solarium with UV lamps are much more convenient and also more hygienic.

Under the sun is through the use of infrared radiation is also good for your muscles and circulatory system. You will feel relaxed and better waste management. Vitamin D, which while tanning is produced by your body is also good for teeth and bone strength. Too much lying in a tanning bed is that for too long and too often bask not good, but want to use a tanning bed, so you only healthier and more relaxed.

What loungers and heaven exists?

The most famous solarium is the kind that you find much in the solarium. There is a large sunbed, in which it is placed both on top and on the bottom lamps. The top can be opened so that you can lie on the underside. This type of tanning bed at the same time on both sides brown. A hinged solarium or sun tunnel is large, and so you need a place where he can stand permanently.

Sun or solarium tunnel

Because many households solarium or sun tunnel requires a relatively large space, it is for the domestic market many solariums for sale, as the tan body from above as the sun does. Some of these sunlamps can permanently attach to the ceiling, can you lie under a bed or extra bed.

Sun mobile or portable solarium

The so-called sun mobile sunlamps are more compact: You can expand and sat beside the bed, with the lights while sunbathing torso does their work. After sunbathing, you can do this kind of sunbeds again quickly fold and cleanup. A sun mobile you can only store under the bed. Very practical in reality.

What to look for when buying a tanning bed or sunbed?

Because there are many different formats solarium and sunlamps exist, it is important to think about what kind of seizure in your house when it comes to size and design. When you have little space at home in a folding canopy, which you can fold after use and store under the bed, of course, very easily. Where should be located the new sun in your house? You need a regular room if you want to use the canopy only temporarily to drive him out of sight, to clean up?

A good canopy is made of solid steel, aluminum or wood. His system is designed to last long. Furthermore, a safe tanning bed has a simple operation, which is preferably also located partially inside. This allows you to while you soak temperature, humidity and regulates cooling. It should also provide a tanning comfort preferably with individual cooling fans. There are sunbeds and sunlamps with extra support. This spoil you while sunbathing with soothing scents and sounds. It is advisable to opt for a cheap popup canopies for sale

Tanning or solarium with a separate face sun is recommended. Facial skin has a different and more delicate constitution than the body surface and requires custom lamps. A built-in safety mechanism to the solarium after a certain time to turn off is also advisable. This means that you can not burn if you fall asleep while tanning.
Finally, it is critical, the quality of UV, UVA and UVB, and infrared lamps, which are used for a longer. Because you can not see from the outside or the quality of the bulbs is, this is something you should decrease with products, compare features and prices both in stores and online.

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