Choose the lining of his pillow?

What want to trim his pillow? Latex, leather, shape memory foam? The filling of the pillow is essential to consider for choosing the right pillow. You should know that different types of pillows exist, some are natural, or another synthetic may be a mixture of both.

1. Natural packings

It is found in the original waste the down or feathers. These are historically the first types of waste. They are still present but their share tend to decrease, they are considered expensive and unsustainable. The problem also is that one can not make an ergonomic pillow from these materials. It is rather the pillow of our grandmothers and gradually loses ground to synthetic pillows or mixed pillows. It is recommended to opt for bamboo memory foam pillow.

2. Synthetic packings

There are two main families of synthetic pillows:

  • Latex pillows: Latex pillows can be fully synthetic latex, they are soft and airy.
  • The pillows mouse shape memory: Pillows shaped memory foam is firmer but have the shape memory properties of the foam.

3. Mixed packing

Latex pillows are the only ones to be partly natural and synthetic part. This is their strength. They are healthy, hygienic, durable and very comfortable.

Choose the firmness of the pillow?

Do you not know how to choose the firmness of your pillow? Do you need a firm or soft pillow? How to tell if a pillow is firm or soft?

The firmness of the pillow is essential to sleep well; it is for everyone to know the strength that matches him best. Some prefer a firm pillow other a fluffy pillow. We must not confuse the pad thickness and firmness of the pillow

Often we associate firmness of the pillow with the thickness of it, while they are two entirely different things. It is thought that the pillows are flat and firm pillows that most inflated pillows are soft pillows. Or, to select the firmness of the pillow, take into account the filling of the pillow.

The firm will indeed depend on this element can be considered that the latex is more flexible than the shape memory foam for example. The feathers and down are flexible enough at first, but will become firmer and packed over the nights.

How to tell if a pillow is firm or soft?

We can, unfortunately, find that we often do not have the information, it is very rarely specified if a pillow is firm or soft. Must, in this case, watching the lining of the pad and the packing density. Over the lining will be more dense pillow is firm. Latex is more flexible and softer than the shape memory foam or feathers.

How to choose the envelope for a pillow?

Can not decide between a removable pad or not? Do you not know how to choose the shell of a pillow?
The entourage of a pillow is to be considered in the purchase; it is not decisive for comfort, but he comes into consideration for the maintenance and hygiene of your pillow.

We recommend that you always choose a removable pillow if you get the chance, the cover is machine washable which keeps the pad in the best hygienic conditions. A cotton cover is perfect for a pillow.

The cover does not dispense put a pillowcase again for hygienic reasons, but mainly for aesthetic reasons. It’s always nice to have a pillow to match the rest of her bed linen We advise to put a pillowcase in all cases that the pad is removable or not.

How to maintain pillow

The pillow is like the mattress. It can quickly become a breeding ground for dust mites and bacteria of all kinds. So how do you keep good pad?

The first element is whether your pad is removable or not. We always advise choosing a removable pillow. It will be much easier to maintain than it is in one piece.

Regularly wash machine cover and pillowcase for good hygiene. It should also usually shake the pillow and ventilate the room to eliminate the maximum of mites. For allergy sufferers there are bombs dedicated to the elimination of bugs, you should know that some are chemical origins and can be harmful to health, so be careful when buying this type of product.

To preserve the swelling of your pillow, you should only return it regularly. Thus, the shape of your head will not pack the filling of the pillow whatsoever. Latex pillows are those which retain the longer their swelling power.

Be careful never to put latex pillow directly into the machine, it would be fatal to your pillow.

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