It’s here the summer! Yes, really, although spring is being rainy and cool, long hot days are falling and we all have and want to enjoy our meals and outdoor dining or camping. To welcome the month of June in Cazando Gangas we are going to focus today on analyzing the different grills that we can use to succeed with barbecues this summer, diving in the best deals.

There is a world of barbecues and grills available in the market in which it is easy to get lost or overwhelmed a bit if we’re rookies. The important thing is to be clear about what our needs to buy the grill is best for us, so we can get the most out during the summer season. And to really succeed, remember what the nine essential to become the master of tricks barbecues. More camping meal ideas?

Grills or charcoal barbecues

They are preferred by purists, as many claim that only the authentic taste charcoal barbecues is achieved. You have to master the power of the coals, invest your time to get a good source of heat in a process that is almost a ritual, and part of the magic of babacoa. Tend to be bulkier than gas and have the disadvantages that dirtier and emit fumes, but are ideal for true lovers of good barbecue outdoors.

There are simple and perfect for small homes that they will not accommodate many guests, including barbecue Supergrill 35 42 cm is offering 16.48 euros in Rakuten for little bulky models. A somewhat hipster but pretty and practical model for its portability, is the cube-shaped Grillen, on sale for 17.34 euros on Amazon.

If we look for a slightly larger grille, for 6 people, we can leave set in the garden or terrace throughout the summer, we have models like this steel charcoal barbecue grill and 35,95 euros in Leroy Merlin.
In case you have a large garden, and if in our region enjoyed abundant sunny days throughout the year, we can bet on a fixed grid work. At Amazon we can find models like the 528 Landman barbecue you provide metal parts with instructions for assembly of the entire piece, for 44.95 euros.

Gourmets will want to invest a little more in barbecues level with which conquer their guests. Rakuten we have for example in the barbecue smoker Trolley with two shelves for large feasts, at a price of 73.90 euros. Amazon is offering the luxury model Algon babacoa Party Luxe, for only 180.16 euros.

Gas grills and barbecues

Gas grills are gaining popularity especially among new initiates in the universe barbecues. There are many designs in all sizes and have the advantage that light up quickly, they do not stain and allow control temperatua easily. They usually have a more modern and contemporary appearance than traditional coal, and most can accommodate any terrace or garden.

The gas grills have a simpler design and Blinky found in the Amazon, at a very reasonable price of 34.26 euros; simple but effective unpretentious barbecue at home.

In Rakuten we have a current option also committed to offering two different surfaces, allowing to cook different foods at the same time. It is the Cadac Barbecue Grills 2, and is bidding to 82.70 with free postage.
BBQ with up to 6 diners we can invest in a model somewhat higher but keep it simple and convenient to handle. For example Wagon BBQ gas Tasman Leroy Merlin for 89.95 euros, with wheels and side table.

With two fires and two side trays is the Campingaz expert plus a little more expensive but Amazon discounts for 107.40 euros.

Level up and find fabulous gas grills for those who want to boast of great barbecues at home. Without pulling too the house through the window, we can afford to invest in model as the Broil-master with quality certified by TÜV Rheinland. It costs 236,95 euros on Amazon.

Electric grills

Just as more and more households opt for ceramic or induction indoors, electric grills are presented as a good alternative to more traditional models gas and coal. They are usually very portable and easy to transport, take up little space and are easily installed, its handling is very simple and hardly generate fumes or waste. These advantages make them perfect small apartments, housing urban centers with small terraces or even for those who only have a balcony and no not want to give your summer barbecue.

The most practical are the desktop, which can also be used indoors if it rains or during the rest of the year. There are very cheap models grills, such as removable Bomann for a price of 23,60 euros in Rakuten.
The raclette type are perfect to enjoy the delicious melted cheese on top while cooking meat or vegetables and fish. A good quality model is the Raclette Elégance Pierre Lagrange, 99 euros on Amazon, for up to 8 people and a very elegant design with varnished wood and thermoplastic feet.

If we want a grill standing with legs, there are models adjusted price as Severin barbecue grill with adjustable height, and a tray of water for cleaning. It costs only 62.06 euros on Amazon.

We return to the desktop with top models like Rowenta Barbecue allowing use open grill, with two surfaces, or closed, to make a grill effect. The find on Amazon for 85 euros.

Finally, we look at the offer of Amazon that offers full electric grill oneConcept Dr. Beef II, for exterior and interior, as it can be used on the dining table or in the garden, if the base is installed with legs. It is a final price of 49.99 euros.

As you will have seen, it is clear that there is a barbecue or grill for all tastes and needs. Whether we are more of meat or fish, or even vegetarians, we can all enjoy the pleasure of a barbecue in good company at home this summer. Choose yours and remember that next week we return in Cazando Gangas with a new selection of deals for your kitchen.

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