In the garden, people find peace and relaxation – but in the summer the garden is also the ideal place for barbecues, large Dinner parties or boisterous weddings. But as beautiful as the weather is, no one is happy for hours in the sun, especially when the occasion festive and the dress is accordingly formally. Also, a short but intense summer rain can quickly negate any party. Exactly for such cases, there are pavilions and cheap tents for sale for parties.

These simple structures can be quickly put together, provide reliable protection against rain and the sun, and can if they are not required to be stored easily and compactly. So you are, in contrast to summer houses, mainly for flexible use. But on what should you look for when buying a pavilion or party tent? The offer is immense and for the layman is often not immediately apparent whether a tent or building for the intended purpose is. We, therefore, want to give some basic tips to make your choice.

The gazebo for the garden party

For garden parties, there is practical hexagonal gazebo made of aluminum, which at any time up quickly and can break down again. So that you are independent of the weather forecast. Whether it rains or if the sun is boiling, the gazebo roof provides the necessary protection. If it starts to be stormy, the side walls can be mounted or lowered. As long as there is no wind, the gazebo but looks most beautiful when the sides are open.

Most Aluminium marquees use a universal system, which consists of eyelets and hooks. This enables fastening of power cables and lighting elements. The low weight of aluminum, such a party gazebo can be positioned with some helpers quickly at another point: The six main poles are easily carried by those present at the required location.

Hexagonal gazebo in different designs

Gazebo aluminum appears at first glance elegant and light. For several years they get their clean look without spending a lot of care is needed. The versatility of aluminum allows multiple design options that can be perfectly adapted to the environmental conditions in the garden. This applies especially to the hexagonal gazebo with aluminum frame. These models provide the perfect solution for a backyard party or can be used as a durable weather protection. In addition to the hexagonal garden gazebo also rectangular and polygonal Aluminium marquees on eBay offered.

How do you use the gazebo in scene

For installation of the gazebo made of aluminum, a flat bottom is required so that the rack is level and the trailer perfectly suits it. For barbecues, the gazebo can be placed directly on the terrace, but often a place on the lawn is preferred. Also for the solid construction, offers the garden, which can be optionally prepared with a foundation for the gazebo. On the green area is the building of the six sides of accessible when they are not closed with a tarpaulin. As a tent is the Festival gazebo on the grass and becomes the center of each celebration. If it is windy, so the flexibility to be drawn up gazebo at the edge or on the house wall finds a shady place. Nevertheless, it may be necessary, in addition to securing it with hooks or pegs.

Looks particularly attractive to the gazebo when the furniture is also tuned to the hexagonal shape. Build on the benches and tables along the six outer lines so that the wind and rain, the side walls can be closed without the furniture have to be changed.

The gazebo permanently erected

Fixed gazebo with aluminum frame can not change spontaneously. Therefore you should first consider at which location they are to appear in the long term. Such gazebo needs a steel or concrete foundation so that it is secure. Some of these models, some of which are provided with glass windows, can be used as a greenhouse. Others are traditional, or exotic arcades shaped and feature high-quality trim elements.

The optimal location for the hexagonal gazebo

When considering the appropriate place you should feel the wind and the direction. Particularly sophisticated a hexagonal gazebo when he is framed by tall trees, not every garden offers this possibility. A beautiful gazebo at the pond makes for a cozy atmosphere, while the construction directly on the wall rather makes a quick impression. High gazebo in Mediterranean style does well when they are alone or next to the pool. Exotic designs in Kenya look individually standing also particularly effective. But even the simple hexagonal gazebo with aluminum frame looks beautiful when it is set up on the lawn or whatever house, carport or trees.

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