20 tricks to clean the house

Get a perfect cleaning of your home with these tips!

Having completely a clean home is not easy. We need every corner of this to be perfectly cleaned, but this is a difficult task. To do this, we must have patience. Keep your house clean so that every time you come back home, the feel of comfort is overwhelming.

Here we show you 20 tricks that will help you keep your home clean. Using homemade cleaners is much easier and cheaper. They are just simple ideas.

1. Tricks to clean crystals

Stockings are the protagonists of this home remedy. Many times we use paper or cloth to clean the glass, and yet we left trademarks on it. With vinegar, we have at home we stay perfect. You always have to pass them in the same direction.

It is important to have fine vinegar, and you have the ideal qualities. It slides perfectly and allows you to clean without using other products .

2. Polishing the counter is very simple

Polishing marble counter tops is very simple. Only you will need to gather petroleum jelly and vinegar diluted in water . You must clean the countertop with a cloth previously. And then with a wet paper of the above mixture you must repeatedly pass on your countertop.

3. How to prevent the pan from rusting?

We have to take a splash of oil and spread with a paper . We have previously washed our paella pan. This simple trick will not allow pans to be rust. You no longer have excuses!

4. Clean carpet detergent

With daily use, our carpets are stained. All we need are clean detergent and dry cloth. We rub into the most unsightly stains and let dry in the sun.

5. Easy to clean wooden floors trick

Wooden floors are beautiful, but stain easily. In many cases, this leads us to choose marble or tile.

Now it’s easy to clean wood floors. Lemon and fabric softener may help. You just have to mix everything with water and pour it into the mop bucket. In this way, we can brighten our wooden floor. It is cool!

6. How to avoid dust on television

This advice will keep your TV clean and bright. We need only lemon juice and a damp cloth. Soak it in lemon, and gently you pass through the TV screen.

Lemon eliminates static electricity causing dust disappears. Repeat it once a week will suffice.

7. Cleaning stainless

Steel appliances are great if cleaned with gin. It is very important that we use pure gin, not mixed with water. It is recommended that we use paper towels for lint. Keep up very bright!


8. How to clean the tiles in an economic way?

The bathroom and kitchen tiles get dirty easily since the are not usually cleaned for their difficulty. Now, with milk and water, it is very simple and economical.

9. Remove the marks on the walls without paint

Children always leave a mark on the walls. In addition to the time, they are smearing. Therefore we bring you a simple trick to avoid having to repaint.

Just dip a sponge in detergent and rub the stain. If it is a splash of fat, you can apply talcum powder to function as absorbing as it is more difficult to leave. You must have patience.

10. Keep leather in good condition

If your chair is leather, it is necessary that you usually take care of it. First, make a home leather conditioner. Mix glycerin soap, a squeeze of lemon and warm water. It is advisable not to let it dry in the sun.

11. How to polish the cutlery?

When someone comes to eat at home, we want our cutlery to be perfect. So we need cotton and hydrogen peroxide, rub one by one. They are very bright!

12. Do not know how to remove the odor from the microwave?

After heating the food several times, the smell stays in the microwave. Ii is very annoying. We need squeezed lemon and cinnamon. This will make a preparation to eliminate toxins and cinnamon will give an amazing smell.

Leave for about 2 minutes inside the appliance. It is important that we previously cleaned inside.

13. Homemade freshener

We just need detergent, water and thyme or rosemary. We have to mix everything in a bowl. We must place in strategic places of our house. For example, in winter, next to the radiator, it is more effective. It will smell great!

14. How can we end the ants?

It’s a simple trick to a very common problem . You must take pepper or vinegar for the affected sites so that you can repell ants. It is also recommended that you do not leave food on the floor.

15. Trick to prevent mold

To avoid this unsightly problem in wet kitchen trays, it is advisable to clean with trim or furniture polish . The inside is the most important. Previously, we have to wash it with soap and water.

It’s a very simple trick to prevent mold and bad odor.


16. What can we do if we colorfast clothes?

Have we ever to do laundry mixed colored clothing with white clothes and some clothes you has gone in a different key. I teach a trick to make the garment regain its color. You have to boil water with 10 bay leaves and put your clothing in the pan. After allowing 2 minutes rest, you must wash normally. We stay perfect!

17. How clean toilets bath

To remove lime lavavo or tub, we just have to cut lemon and wipe all areas. Let it stand for about few minutes. And then we just have to pass a piece of kitchen paper to remove the pieces of lemon.

18. Trick to clean the belt of the blind

Do not just clean curtains or window panes, the strap of the blind always gets a lot of dirt. Keep it clean is much easier than you imagine . With a mop and strong rub soap on the strip from top to bottom. Thus, it remains disinfected.

19. Remove ink stains is very simple

We explain how to remove these small spots without losing color. Just we need white vinegar. With the help of sticks, we rubbed on the site of the stain and let it dry.

It is important to do at the time when you spots. We can not leave for several days.

20. Cleaning a remote

We take it on many occasions with dirty or greasy hands and all dirt accumulates. We show you a simple trick to clean the knob , a swab soaked in alcohol to clean every corner of our control.

You no longer have excuses to have the perfect home! Get more tips to take care of your home on

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